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The Sopranos
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The Sopranos is an award winning TV series that has won eight Emmys, as well as been nominated in numerous other categories. The series chronicles the life of New Jersey drug dealer Tony Soprano, as he rises from being a low level drug dealer to one of the most powerful and ruthless criminals in America. The Sopranos is based on real events, and is filled with entertaining characters, including some that you may not want to like. However, if you enjoy the show, you will absolutely love the collectible edition of the series.

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One of the greatest characters introduced into the show was Carmela Soprano. She was ruthless and driven, as her ruthless attitude rubbed off on everyone around her. Her sadistic nature made her seem almost like a cold heart. While it was important to understand why she became so ruthless and evil, there were still plenty of reasons to admire her character. When it comes to collectible Sopranos figures, Carmela is definitely at the top of the list!

Herded along by her sister, Carmela frequently appeared in print ads and was often seen on the grocery store shelves. If you were looking for a great gift idea, these figures would be a great fit! In fact, some of her collectible Sopranos figurines are sold at auction for over $10,000! With her trademark long hair and purse, there was no way that she could get away with any of her crazy outfits or mannerisms! No matter what type of design you selected for your Sopranos collectible, you could be sure that you were getting something unique and of high quality.

Of course, being one of the many major characters in the show, it would make sense to collect many of the other female characters. There are quite a few featured in the show, and each one is available in some form or another. As with the wives of the characters, all of the ladies from the show are available in beautiful figurine form! Of course, if you prefer to collect just one female character, then you will have to decide which one you prefer to have as a part of your Sopranos collection!

One of the greatest moments in all of the movies is when Carmela gets killed. It is one of the most iconic moments in all of television, and if you have a Sopranos collectible to prove it, then it’s a great addition to your collection! She is an unforgettable character, and even the small details, such as her dress, make her seem like more than just an old lady. The way she is shown dying is even more upsetting because of her last words to her sister, Tony. If you’re a fan of the show, and have a great interest in knowing how she died, then this is definitely the figure for you!

Of course, there is also plenty of attention paid to the many legendary Italian crime bosses of the time. While everyone knows they existed, not many people have a clear image of what their life was like. You can have all kinds of figures of all of these great Italian crime bosses, including the ones that are remembered most. Of course, some of these figures may seem a little too terrifying for your tastes, but I would recommend that you still check them out!

The show itself was great, and was broadcast on HBO. Many people enjoy watching the series, and there is no doubt that it is difficult for the director to keep all of the characters straight. That being said, it is still fun to have these collectibles to look at, and display! Of course, if you are looking for an official collector’s edition set, then you might be able to find those, as well. However, most fans choose to create their own individual collections, because even the best directors don’t put everything into the episodes. There are plenty of great books out about the making of the show, and if you want to read up on all of the behind the scenes info, then this is the perfect source to use!

One of the great things about collecting the Sopranos is that there are so many options available to you. Some collectors have created their own The Sopranos collections, while others have purchased complete boxed sets of the complete run! There are plenty of options to satisfy any fan of this incredible show! There are also plenty of autographed art prints and limited editions available for purchase, which will never be available anywhere else! So, if you have been scratching your head over why you haven’t gotten more involved with The Sopranos, then this is definitely the route to take!

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