Spider-Man: Homecoming (Movie Review)

The latest blockbuster movie starring Tobey Maguire as Spidey, the Amazing Spider-Man, is now available on DVD. Homecoming follows the story of a young Peter Parker who, after leaving college, becomes Spider-Man. He continues to battle villains such as the Green Hornet and tries to romance Queen Elizabeth. Although the movie is not as good as the comic book, it does have its moments.

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SpiderMan Homecoming
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One of the best parts of the movie is when Spidey goes to a skate park with his new friend, Flash. The two become friends, and Spider-Man helps Flash build his own web-swinging robot. This movie is reminiscent of the early Spider-Man comics, where Spider-Man helped create high-tech toys and equipment for science teachers. It’s an interesting parallel to the modern day versions. The two also become partners in crime fighting.

As in the comic book, Spider-Man returns to his own hero headquarters, but this time, he doesn’t have his mask anymore. The reason is so that no one can recognize him. Spider-Man was about to go into business for himself when a plane flew over, dropping a shipment of experimental genetically altered mosquitoes. After taking one, Spider-Man got rid of all the mosquitoes, but one by one, they began to reproduce.

In the modern day, the United States government had made a contract with a scientist named Dr. Curt Connor to try and stop the reproduction. But instead of stopping the mosquitoes, they started a violent epidemic that spread across the country. Spider-Man, thinking of the potential cure for the epidemic, went into action. In the book, he tries to stop the criminals who caused the outbreak, while apprehending a villain named Sandman.

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie takes place when Spidey rescues an alien called Vulture. After catching him, he is blasted away by a helicopter. Landing in a desert, he finds a young boy named Harry who is holding a cross. Together, they discover that Vulture is attempting to force them to join his league of villains.

Harry then transforms into a spider-like web-swinging machine. Using his newly-bonded webbing, Spider-Man battles Vulture. When the smoke clears, they find that the villain has escaped through the ceiling and is now after Spider-Man.

At the end of the film, after several minutes of intense action, Spider-Man and Harry hook up and start a date. The date goes well until a vicious spider attacks Peter in his home, paralyzing him. He lets Harry go free, but not before giving him instructions on how to fight crime in New York. To make things even better, he gives Harry a batshaped device that will enable him to fly.

Homecoming is the start of several successful Spider-Man films that have followed since. However, the R rating given to this movie makes it somewhat less likely to be part of the overall franchise. This is a shame because Homecoming is a fun, exciting film that many are enjoying. It’s also got an exciting and successful storyline. That means that the character is going to continue to be a popular favorite for a long time to come.

In the last few years, Spider-Man has appeared in a number of different comic series. These have shown some of the darker facets of his personality, as well as added some of the more classic elements. The recent animated version of Spider-Man has proven to be a huge hit, even receiving a second season. Not only was the second season a big hit, but the movie spawned a TV show as well.

Spider-Man: Homecoming introduces a new arc of characters featuring Spider-Man in his daily life. He teams up with Iron Man, who tries to arrest a villain named Doctor Doom. The two battle it out in a epic struggle that leads into the next episode. This latest comic book storyline continues the overall theme of Spider-Man being a devoted family man. He cares for his Uncle Ben and Aunt May as much as he does his comic book alter ego, Spider-Man.

Homecoming is a highly entertaining film that fits the Spider-Man mold. It is filled with action and adventure, while at the same time showing the romantic side of Spider-Man as well. Many of the comic book events that occur in the film parallel the current events that happen in the comics. The film will continue to build upon the successful MCU films that have come before it, and hopefully set the bar for future comic book movies to follow.

People who like Spider-Man will absolutely love Homecoming. I know I do. I feel that the more Spider-Man films we get, the better of a story we can develop. Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to be a fun film that is sure to be a big hit for a couple of different reasons. It is a very entertaining film that fans will enjoy. It also just might earn the award for most exciting Spider-Man film to date!

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