SmackDown Vs SmackDown Results 25 June 2021

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The WWE has been known to feature some of the biggest stars in the business and one of these stars is WWE Tag Team Championship winner Roman Reigns. In the latest episode of WWE Superstar Shake-down, Roman Reigns is set to face off against WWE champion Triple H in what should be a very interesting bout. There are many theories circulating around whether or not Roman Reigns can win the WWE title, but one thing is for sure. There is going to be plenty of WWE smackdown results floating around throughout the months and years leading up to the big show.

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The first Smackdown outcomes delivered a rather big surprise to those that follow the sports entertainment business. WWE released a clip of Triple H, Jinder Mahal and Batista challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE championship. It did not take long for The Big Dog to get the better of the three. Not only did The Excellence Of Pain eliminate himself from a potential WWE title opportunity, but Batista made it clear that he is his least favorite opponent in the ring.

The next encounter between Roman Reigns and Triple H took place at SummerSlam 2021. On the Raw brand, Triple H defeated The Miz. Before the bout could even conclude on Raw, however, Batista came out to battle The Miz and eventually got him eliminated with a powerful elbow drop. At the end of the SummerSlam broadcast, there was another big surprise awaiting those who had been watching. Vince McMahon introduced The Real Madridista into the audience as the winner of the SummerSlam contest.

The Miz, Batista and The Real Madridista were all eliminated from the competition during the SummerSlam broadcast. After the reveal, Triple H explained how The Miz got the win over Batista and The Real Madridista. He claimed that The Miz, after winning the match, cut off The Real Madridista’s ear. After being cut off, The Miz challenged Batista for the vacant WWE Title at SummerSlam.

During SummerSlam, Batista along with some surprise appearances by WWE stars, defeated WWE champion Rene Dupree in the main event. Rene Dupree was the first WWE women’s champion since Diva Victoria in 2021. She retained her title by pinning The Miz at SummerSlam. During the SummerSlam match, Triple H, Batista and The Miz took a break from competing to sit down and talk about how women are judged in the WWE. Batista claimed that they were not beingjudged, but some other wrestlers took offense to this claim.

At SummerSlam, Batista defeated Rene Dupree and then WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a three-way match. He was then beaten down twice more before finally getting a pinfall against Jinder Mahal in the final contest of SummerSlam. Randy Orton won the match and again retained his title. This marked the end of Batista’s run in WWE. However, he would soon be back in the WWE after the break up with Triple H and SmackDown roster change.

On WWE Smashdown, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz and Rene Dupree defeated World Heavyweight champion Christian against RVD, Kaitlyn and D-Wade in a three-way encounter. Christian emerged as the victor after eliminating RVD, Kaitlyn and D-Wade in the first round. In the final contest, The Miz and RVD beat Kaitlyn, D-Wade and Ryback to retain their SmackDown Titles. The Miz stated that he and RVD have been the best tag team since their victory at WWE Smashdown, which earned them the top three spots in the company’s list of SmackDown rankings.

Ric Flair defeated Rob Van Dam in a very stiff match for the SmackDown Title. Randy Orton and The Miz were the other two big favorites for the main event. This show saw the debut of several big names from both SmackDown and Raw like Randy Orton, Big Show and Kaitlyn. Ric Flair defeated RVD for his third straight SmackDown Title victory but lost the Intercontinental Title Match later in the night to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

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