Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Attractions To Look Out For

The Tower of Terror is a fun ride that has many loyal followers. This roller coaster ride is the eighth in the Twilight Zone series, and was the first roller coaster to open in the park. It was also the first one to use a floating action shot panning across the top of the tower. The Tower of Terror first opened to the public on April Fool’s Day in 1998. For years it has been a popular theme park attraction.

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Tower of Terror
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The Tower of Terror is themed after and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Many of the images and scenes are taken directly from his tales. Besides the backdrop of the classic horror picture that you have to see when you go to the park, the Tower of Terror also contains other attractions and other cool features that make this an interesting place to take the family or a group of friends.

Before we get into the details of what to expect during your visit to the Tower of Terror let us tell you about the history of the attraction itself. The Tower of Terror is based on H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Dream Cycle” which is basically a tale of gods and the dark places they hide. As already mentioned in the facts section of this article, the Tower of Terror is designed to look like a flight of stairs and is featured in the opening scene. You will have to descend a spiral staircase and make your way down to the lower level where a huge glass door awaits you. There, you will be greeted by a number of animatronic figures (the exact size and design varies) who will welcome you and lead you through a dark maze filled with traps and levers.

The escalator ride you see at the very end of the stairs is another great scene that you will definitely enjoy, especially if you are a fan of both synchronized motion and dark rides. At the end of the spiral staircase is another elevator which takes you to the top level of the Tower of Terror. At this point there are two options for your guests, either they can walk directly onto the elevator or they can go down the elevator on a slow escalator. Both of these attractions have separate elevator rides for your guests which can be done without them having to go through the Twilight Zone.

The second part of the Tower of Terror is a roller coaster ride that can last up to three minutes. This thrill ride utilizes a huge pair of spiral staircases that you will have to race up in order to see the spectacular view from the top. The actual scenery for this particular attraction is designed to look as if it has been pulled right out of ” Eclipse “. In fact, this is where much of the inspiration for the Tower of Terror was drawn from. When you reach the top you will find yourself on a wide screen TV viewer overlooking the town below.

If you want something more original than the tower of horrors then you can take your family to see the Twilight Zone stage shows while you wait for your turn on the roller coaster. Many people enjoy the ride because it allows them to revisit their favorite childhood memories. Of course, this doesn’t always work out as well as you would like. In the event that you do not feel as though you can relax while being exposed to the history of the Twilight Zone then you can always stay another day and try the various other attractions in the area.

Just down the road from the Tower of Terror is another fascinating attraction that has to do with the history of the twilight zone. The Sunset Boulevard is a great place for a stroll through the night sky. You can get fantastic views of all of the different constellations as well as the moon. The best thing about this particular tour is that it gives you the chance to visit the same spots as some of the classic movies that were featured in the original version of this scary ride. It is definitely an interesting way to get ready for the tower of horrors.

Before you head back up to the ground floor of the Tower of Terror so that you can continue enjoying the free-fall ride vehicle then make sure that you are ready for a little history of the Twilight Zone before you leave. This is certainly something that you are going to be eager to learn. You will get a chance to visit several of the movie sets and scenes including the control room, the alternate world, and even some of the set dressing for the movie itself. Once you have learned about the origins of the Tower of Terror and its attraction attractions you can go back to the free fall ride vehicle and enjoy it all over again. The excitement just won’t stop until you have finished riding it once again.

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