History of Halloween – From Colonial Times to the Present


Halloween is a well-known celebration of the frightful night of Halloween known as All Hallows’ Day. The word “Halloween” comes from All Hallows’ Eve, which means “all night long.” Hundreds of years before, individuals would dress up as witches and went door to door, which was the origin of Halloween costume. The holiday that we celebrate today, Halloween, got its name from All Hallows’ Day. There are several myths and legends associated with Halloween.

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One of the most interesting legends about Halloween is that it began in Ireland. Legend tell us that St. Patrick introduced the holiday to the Irish. Many of the traditions associated with Halloween are a remnants of Irish superstitions and beliefs. For instance, many believe that the tradition of trick-or-treaters tricking through the woods on Halloween was started in Ireland. Some history books state that about three hundred years ago, King William gave a speech extolling the virtues of the holiday, thus encouraging people to celebrate it.

The first harvest of the year was October 31st, so that is why many of the traditions associated with Halloween began on the day of All Hallows’ Eve. According to legend, the first Halloween celebration took place in heaven, but later they began to call it Halloween. While many people still celebrate Halloween in this original manner, there have been plenty of innovations and changes to the holiday.

Christianity learned about Halloween when they persecuted Christians during the time of King Herod. They did not like the idea of a Pagan festival being celebrated on a day of Christian importance, so they made celebrations on other days of the year. Christianity, pagans and others have been celebrating Halloween in different ways ever since. One way back when, Halloween was first called All Saints Day. This celebration caused quite a stir among Christians because it put all the sins of the previous year into one day, making it easier to be forgotten.

Some people are against celebrating Halloween in a public way. That is why you see Halloween recipes and some homes even have their own versions of scary costumes and decorations. You can also get quite a few scary costumes if you watch horror movies on DVD. Many also like to decorate their yards with nooses, cob webs, bats, pumpkins and more. They love to use these noose type decorations for their yard to scare away unwanted visitors.

One of the oldest traditions of Halloween would have to be the bobbing for apples. Imagine how children used to laugh as kids today, while others ran for their lives as they tried to grab a handful of apples off of a bobbing bobber. The oldest version of this would have to be the use of a fake apple, but today you can get plastic bobbing for apples instead. You can also get other items such as wreaths, pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and many other scary items that are used to make the atmosphere look as scary as possible. These wreaths and pumpkins have become popular to put outside at night as they will make your yard appear to be more realistic looking.

Trick-or-Treating has been a big part of Halloween history too. It started centuries ago as a way to trick the neighbors and neighborhood into thinking that the house was full of goodies and not a house full of drugs and prostitution. So many families would come together and decorate their houses with Halloween decorations, such as witches, skeletons and more for the trick-or-tale community to enjoy. In fact, this tradition of trick-or-treat is still going on today.

The United States has always been one of the biggest countries when it comes to Halloween celebrations. We have had Halloween parades for years and it is a really big deal in our culture. From the time that the first settlers came here, Halloween has always been a big part of their yearly festivities and now it has taken on a new meaning. It is no longer just about trick-or-treaters walking around the neighborhood taking candy, but instead we have all sorts of crazy costume parties and activities.

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