Tamil Cinema Goes to the Next Level

Tamil cinema, known popularly as Kollywood, is an Indian filmmaking industry of Tamil motion pictures, specializing in dramatic and comedy roles. It is entirely based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, near the coastal town of Kodambakkam, resulting in the industry’s common nickname Kollywood, which is a synonym for Hollywood and a portmanteau for Chennai. Most renowned Tamil cinema actors are attached with prominent Hindi films; they have made a good sum of money by appearing in some less popular Tamil films. Tamil cinema directors are mostly from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The leading personalities include Vijay, Yusa, Anand, S.S. Rajamouli, Madhubala, Kappad, Komal Kasli, and Jayaram.

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Tamil cinema
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Tamil cinema has given birth to some of the most unforgettable film heroes in India. Gurunegala, who later went on to play a vital role in the national election as a cabinet minister was one of the tamil cinema personalities who had a huge success after appearing in his first film “Nanban”. Another great star whose first Tamil film “Mankatha” was a box office hit is Karthik Prabhu who appeared in two more films thereafter. Other notable tamil cinema personalities are Vijay, Yash Chopra, and Aishwarya Rai.

Tamil films directed by Rajinikanth have a worldwide appeal. Some of the best selling tamil movies are “Kathakali”, “Mankatha”, “ulkul”, and “Ran”. There have been some developments in the art of developing telugu melodiously. The directors are regularly hired by the film world to create some fine tamil movies.

Tamil cinema is greatly missing in terms of good story and plot. The most fascinating feature of the tamil movies is the outstanding dialogues between the lead characters which are mostly in Hindi. The use of english throughout the movies is too infrequent which makes the movie quite dull for the audience.

The tamil movie industry is largely dependent on the Great Indian mass-culture. The mass-culture influences the choice of the shots and also the moods in the films. Tamil cinema is mainly influenced by the popular music and dance forms of the indian popular music. The Telugu Studios which is the main hub for most of the Tamil movies is located in Andhra Pradesh in Southern India.

Tamil cinema has been largely successful because of the Indianpopular motion pictures and the mass-culture that have given it the momentum to create an outstanding impact on the western audiences. Most of the movies which have been screened in the first half of the 20th century have been influenced by the Indian motion picture industry. The tamil film industry got its start with the release of Mani Ratnam’s Raavanan (1958). The Raavanan was screened in the British cinemas and gained the approval of the Indian masses.

Tamil cinema as a whole owes its existence to the British Raj and the colonial rule in India. A major reason of the popularity of tamil films is the legendary personality of their director Shankar one of the most renowned Tamil cinema directors. The tamil film industries owes its creation to several prominent personalities such as Indira Gandhi, Vijay and Ram Gopal Varma. All these actors have helped in spreading the influence of tamil cinema in the world. Tamil cinema has seen some of the best actress in the form of Madhubala, Ravi Teja, Kannada film industries has given birth to several stars like Karthikeyan, Nandu, Sundaram, Dinnanath, Srikanth, Anjali, and Kavi.

Tamil film industry is yet to see the best Indian girl stars in the form of Madhubala, Sundaram, Ravi, and Nandu. There has been some significant changes in the scenario of Tamil cinema in the last few years. Director Shankar has moved from the big screen to the small screens and tamil cinema is gradually changing into an Indianized version of Hollywood. Some movies like Devraj’s “Nanban” and Velayudham shows that there are no dearth of talented Indian women in the industry, but the key is to groom them well and allow them to flourish in their career.

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