Hotel Transylvania – A Great Place to Stay

The Hotel Transylvania is located in the ancient city of Transylvania, Romania. It was built around the twelfth century and plays a very important role as the wedding venue for the annual Romanian Orthodox High festive. When it comes to architecture the building which has a stunning combination of baroque and medieval elements, has been called the “Raju King” because of its design and combination of different elements. Another interesting fact about the Hotel Transylvania is that it was founded by an English Lord, although this was not officially stated. However it is highly likely that this was the Lord of the Manor who founded the hotel. Today the Transylvania hotel still features the original intricate designs of the medieval period.

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Hotel Transylvania
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The main attraction of the Transylvania hotel is the ruins of a large castle perched on its crest. You can feel the real feeling of being in the country during your stay here. If you are staying here for a wedding or any other special event remember to book a guest room in the Hotel Transylvania. The rooms are very comfortable with good views across the beautiful scenery. Many visitors come back to the Transylvania castle day after day just to enjoy the scenery and the peaceful solitude of the Hotel Transylvania. The Castle is open to the public from mid April to mid October.

Another attraction of the hotel is the Medieval Court which sits in the centre of the hotel. Built in the fourteenth century the court consists of four chambers. The most important part of the building is the huge hall which is surrounded by a dome. This huge room is decorated by statues depicting medieval scenes. The hotel has many amenities for the guest which includes meeting facilities, conference rooms, swimming pools and spas.

In case you are planning to go out to the city during your stay here you will have plenty of choices as to where to eat. The restaurants serving the best local dishes are: Atahotel de Barcelona, Alemana, Celia Bistro, Comix Restaurant and Bar. You can choose from a variety of traditional Spanish dishes or try something new. For the more exotic tastes the guests can choose from dishes such as the ‘Arroz moroccan’, ‘Jalapeno fish’ and the ‘Barbacoa pepperoni’.

Transylvania offers much shopping for the tourist. There are many markets located near the hotel offering a wide range of goods. You can buy souvenirs, local crafts and furniture. The hotel shop offers a wide variety of attractive presents for Christmas, Easter and summer festivals.

The hotel offers many services which include sport watching, cinema, theatre and a good choice of casinos. As the majority of Transylvania’s residents are Christians there are services which cater for this faith group. You can also enjoy some live music in the evenings. A popular weekly concert is the Saturday service at the Grand Hotel. Other concerts are on a semi-regular basis.

The Royal Castle is a favourite Transylvania location. It was built in 1474 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. This royal palace is an excellent choice for weddings. It can be booked for corporate events, conferences. You can stay at the hotel between May and December.

There are many things to do in Transylvania. You will find a good selection of museums here. These include the Uffizi Museum, which is dedicated to the Renaissance painter Giotto Sanna. There is also the Cathedral Basilica San Lorenzo, which dates back to the fifth century. The Imperial Summer Palace, the Russian Cathedral, the Saxony Gardens and Transylvania National Park are also popular attractions.

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