Funny Christmas Movie Quotes For You and Your Family

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You probably have your favorite Christmas movie quotes. Some of them probably make you smile and others crack you up. Even those who don’t share your personal favorites may have some favorite lines that bring a smile to their face or warm their heart. But what about Christmas movies for children? They sure seem to be missing something!

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There’s no question that children love Christmas movies. When they’re growing up in the Santa-focused Christmas tradition, watching reindeer play, snowman baking in the oven and wishing each other a “Merry Christmas,” there’s something special about it. As adults, we get a bit bored with that and may even be tempted to switch things up a bit. “What did you think of that?” “That was great.”

However, for many of us, our favorite holiday memories are from Christmas movies. Whether we like the classic Disney films or not, there’s something enchanting about watching Cinderella or Little Bo Peep at Christmas time. And if your kids are big fans of Toy Story or Cars, chances are they will love watching the new Toy Story 3 this Christmas. If you have yet to see it, don’t worry – here are a few of your best Christmas movie quotes to watch while you wait for the movie to air on television:

The first two Christmas movies that come to mind are Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Both of these timeless movies are filled with beautiful imagery and memorable lines. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I am a Snow White princess, beware the dark.” These are just two of the famous christmas movies that have made it to the list. Other quotes from these movies are: “Beware the Witch” – Ariel (ginsy), “I’ll be the queen, you’re the queen” – Cinderella (ginsy), “I want to be like her, she’s beautiful” – Belle (ifies).

Another popular movie for this holiday season is A Christmas Carol. This is based on the Ebenezer Scrooge story and stars Dickens’s most famous character, Ebenezer Scrooge. In this movie, the infamous Dickens’s words to his miserly wife are taken word for word and are used throughout the movie as advice for Christmas. Other great christmas movie quotes from this movie are: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” – Bobbie Heyward (maid), “The Elf has left his nest” – Little John (owner), “Twas’ the night before Christmas…” – Mrs. Dove (owner), “Where have all the flowers gone?” – Mrs. Seller (owner), “A mistletoe bloometh near the tree” – Little John (owner), “Twas’ the night before Christmas…” – Ebenezer Scrooge (rich), “Merry Christmas,” – Ebenezer Scrooge (rich husband). The movie A Christmas Carol has become one of the most well known Christmas films of all time.

Polar Express is another wonderful adventure/adventure flick about travelling by sea with the main character, a young boy named Alex. You might have seen the trailers for the film and were wondering if it was as good as it looked. Well, if you are looking for some excellent Christmas movie quotes, then the only place you should look is inside the movie itself! You will definitely get a good laugh here. One of my favourite scenes is when Alex and his friend have been separated and are walking down the street and Alex suddenly shouts out to his friend that they are in polarised water.

In Charlie Brown Christmas Vacation, our young hero returns to his childhood home alone. While he is gone, his friends become bored with having to stay home all the time and they don’t really have anything to do. However, instead of hiring them to work at the mall, Charlie Brown decides to buy them a Christmas Vacation Bus for their next visit. They all enjoy this great experience and end up staying at Charlie Brown’s house instead of the mall. This movie contains a lot of funny christmas movie quotes for adults and kids.

One of my all time favorite holiday movies is A Christmas Carol, which is a absolutely wonderful film. If you have ever seen it, then you know what I am talking about. For someone who grew up during the time of the Great Depression, it shows how life can still be very enjoyable even in a time of economic depression. In fact, many people nowadays relate the quote “A Christmas Carol” to the “Gift of the Givers” due to its message of giving and sharing.

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