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When Nick Cannon was growing up in south Texas back in the seventies, he made up his mind one day that he wanted to be an artist. He picked up a guitar and started learning. The two main factors that shaped up Nick Cannon’s career were his grandmother, who gave him a pair of cheap musical instruments when he was only eight, and his then-debuting rap group, the G-Four Dope Bomb squad. They went on to become the pioneers of what is known today as hip-hop. The members of the group – including Cannon’s older brother Damon – began performing at small shows that the local church threw in their honor.

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From thereon, the G-four became very popular, with their singles “Reelin’ in the Years” (with Chamillionaire) and “Bag Mama” (with Big Daddy Kane). From there, the movie career began. A Nick Cannon movie is like no other. From the music he chooses to go with to the themes of the movie itself, everything is original and genuine. There isn’t any rehashing of old material or trudging through what sounds familiar to keep things interesting (although some of the music from the past is used, it’s never shied away from being unique).

Where the movie really takes off, though, is in the beginning of the movie where its main character (nicknamed B.D.) gets to meet his own sort-after music star. Here, true to form, Cannon plays the part of the musical artist, with true emotion and charisma. The movie follows his rise to fame as the biggest musical star of his time, while at the same time tackling issues that are similar to those that would be explored in a true musical.

In addition to having true emotion, there’s also a great deal of humor. The movie follows many of the characters as they try to maintain their image, both in front of the public and within their own relationships. It’s true to form that B.D. ‘s ego can drive him into some truly stupid and self-destructive behaviors, but what also makes this movie so hilarious is that he still has real friends. There’s a good chance that you’ll laugh when you watch this movie.

“Cannonball” is one of the most enjoyable films you’re likely to come across. If you have an abiding interest in the history of American sport, you’re likely to find this movie a smash. If not, it’s a definite must-see for all film fans. In fact, the timing of release for “Cannonball” is just right for it to enter the year’s best list. Don’t miss it.

The late Michael Jordan was absolutely great at coming up with big screen hits. He did it with “Airplane!” and with “The Bulls. He basically took sports marketing to new heights. “Cannonball” propels its lead character, Private First Class Peter Krust, into the same sort of fame that served the great basketball star in the past.

Private First Class Peter Krust (nicknamed by his constantly being called “Krinkle”), is a renowned World War II airman who was assigned to handle cargo forger Walt Disney. As if that wasn’t enough to make him an instant cult hero, his equally remarkable and somewhat unfortunate knack for shooting his plane (the same type that brought him down in the first place) earns him the respect of the legendary John Wayne (who played the gunner in the first ” Clint Eastwood Movie,” another of the hallowed halls of celluloid cinema). Peter Krust also happens to be the sports entertaining main character. He is so good on television that he manages to be lovable, without ever having to star in a good movie himself.

The late George Lucas also did a lot of writing while he was making this movie. So expect a lot of in depth discussions about sports, movies, television, and America’s obsession with sports. Although the movie isn’t as good as the original, it is a fun watch. This could be a step further towards the Star Wars Empire we’ve been waiting for.

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