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shiloh movie

Winner of eight Academy Awards including Best Picture, Shiloh is a modern classic. Featuring Anne Bancroft as the title character, and Bruce Willis as her love interest, Shiloh is a beloved bestseller. Based on the true story of a young Jewish girl who falls in love with a Gentile while serving in the British army during World War II. The movie has received critical acclaim, not to mention awards such as the Oscar for Best Picture. So, if you have never seen this wonderful film, you should take the time to see it…

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Starring Anne Bancroft, Kevin Kline, and Bruce Willis, Shiloh is a story of passion, romance, faith, and longing. Thirty-five year old Jewish girl named Ariel (Bancroft) returns home to New York City from a British military mission following the end of World War II. Intent on returning to her homeland to celebrate Rosh Hashana, she hopes to forget her troubles that she encountered back in “the old country”. However, a mysterious and powerful warlord named Walnut ( Willis) sends his personal army to arrest Ariel. Forced into hiding, Ariel plots a plan to escape from the fortress…

Based on the book by Zecharia Securities, Shiloh follows the story of Ariel’s trials and tribulations as she searches for peace, love, and understanding. The film starts in Jerusalem where Ariel is arrested and questioned by a police officer. There, she meets Mityphamia (Anne Bancroft), a British soldier who is turned against her own homeland. A fierce combat breaks out, and Ariel is badly injured.

But, with the help of her friend and brother, Ariel escapes from the police and meets a mysterious stranger named Walnut. Though Walnut intends to kill Ariel, she refuses to die and tries to persuade Walnut to leave her alone. Eventually, Walnut kills her. Ariel then flees to a strange house with no light inside where a machine gun fights and kills her as well. Ariel is taken to the city of Yafkhod in Trans-Jordan where she meets up with Moshe, who wants her to help him free his family from slavery.

During their escape, Ariel helps save the family of Chasid (Moises Ali) and his daughter Asma (Sana el Hassa). But when Chasid and Asma are captured by Walnut’s army, Ariel has to go through a horrific series of injuries before she is able to save them. Eventually, Ariel makes her way to Jerusalem where she faces Walnut once again…

Another interesting aspect of the movie is that it includes an element of fantasy. Ariel is seduced by the Lord of the Rings and is transported into a world similar to Middle Earth. At first, she does not believe in magic at all, but over time she comes to recognize the power of such forces as healing, and protection of the mind. Ariel eventually joins the ranks of the Crusade against evil, working alongside her friend, Galadria. During the battle, Ariel uses her magical powers to turn Walnut’s troops against his own men.

Although the plot is based on ancient Egyptian mythology, the movie version includes modern elements as well. For one, the city of Jerusalem is featured prominently. The use of the name Elul is very similar to the Hebrew term for Jerusalem, which means “the holy city.” In addition, the appearance of white horses carrying out protective rituals is reminiscent of the white carrion creatures associated with the Holy Land.

This animated fantasy features some beautiful animation. The animation is animated at certain points, so it can be hard to follow at first. However, after a few episodes you will get used to the fluidity of the movement. Overall, the Shiloh Movie is a great watch for fans of fantasy movies and animation alike.

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