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With a blend of hilarious humor and excellent acting, The Clicker Movie takes on a modern day twist on the story of the old time clock master. Michael Newman ( adam Sandler) appears to have it all – the rich, humorous voice – but his wife, Donna ( Kate Beckinsale) is continually more frustrated with the amount of time that he must spend at home alone. Once Michael realizes that he can control the time on his remote using a device that magically increases his time available, he can finally attend to all of the important things in his life that have been putting off his happiness for years.

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click movie cast
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Aided by his friend, the inventor, Michael gets the chance to learn more about his “time machine.” But first, he must discover a way for the device to allow access to the house’s main computer room. Once he does, Michael gets to see what other devices are controlled remotely through the click of a button. The discovery of a new time travel device opens up more mysteries for this unique ensemble of friends and accomplishes one of the more amusing scenes you’ll ever see on screen.

This movie is pure entertainment. No other movie I’ve seen has managed to combine humor, action, good one-liners and great music all in one cohesive and memorable package. This is easily the best comedy movie I’ve ever seen and it doesn’t get any better than when the character tells his friend, “You know what’s really funny? When you sit around thinking about me.”

If you like your comedies a little bit slow then The Clicker Movie should be right up your alley! There are three stories involving the characters that all build to one very satisfying and exciting conclusion. You’ll laugh, get a belly laugh and feel very happy about the ending. It won’t matter what you think because the movie makes it clear that everyone involved loves it.

The main story involves a man named Mike ( Joel David Fox) that lives in Los Angeles with his wife Beth (Hannah Means) and two children, Adam (Efren Ramirez) and Alex ( Dylan O’Brien). One night, when the family is relaxing at home, they hear noises coming from their living room. At first, they ignore the noise thinking it was coming from their neighbor’s television set. However, when the noise continues after they go to investigate, they decide to investigate themselves. They quickly find out that the source of the noise is their neighbor’s electronic device, an “anny cam.” After locating and removing the device, the family has a lot to talk about, including their discovery that their neighbor is “The Clicker Girl.”

Following a string of strange events, including the death of a family man and the discovery of a mysterious and diabolical killer, the search for The Clicker Girl comes to a spectacular conclusion. Meanwhile, the police uncover the identity of the owner of the electronic device and the ” Clicker Girl” herself. Will The Clicker Girl scare everyone away from her new home? Will she escape to kill someone else? Will she really be the evil that she seems?

Click Movie Cast provides a wonderful opportunity for aspiring actors and actresses to learn more about the business and to also build their own resume and portfolio. Joining the cast is easy and affordable. With numerous auditions throughout the country, the cast members can practice their acting skills and build their confidence in front of the camera.

The one thing that most people will notice about The Clicker Girl is that it is so different from most scripts they have seen. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. On the plus side, the unique casting allows the actors and actresses to explore their individual talents and bring out their best qualities. On the minus side, those who are unfamiliar with the entertainment industry may not know what to do or say during scenes and it is important to read the script before recording. With this cast, you never know who you will meet!

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