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The Ride movie is directed by Michael W.iser and is a science fiction thriller/horror film directed by Don Hertl. The story involves a top secret government project that utilizes time travel and the power of the total sensory immersion to travel to multiple time periods in an effort to solve a series of mystery murders. With the ability to manipulate time itself, the military and scientists alike are pulling out all the stops to crack this mind-blowing crime. The whole premise is based on the theories of quantum physics and time travel. In essence, they are trying to unlock the secret codes that make a machine work in the first place. It also explores the dark side of man (not literally of course) and what if he were to lose those skills completely.

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If you have seen the trailers for the movie The Ride, you probably know that much of the movie takes place in a large, colorful alternate dimension known as the Multiverse. The multiverse is where everything exists in multiple time frames – a sort of alternate dimension. But because everyone has different perceptions of time, not everyone will see the same things at the same time. The most fascinating aspect of the ride movie, which I had not seen before, was the aspect of the holographic projections. Although they were very small and distant in my vision, they seemed to pop out at me from all around the set, looking as if they were hovering just above the heads of the characters. They flashed past the actors and I followed along as the action played out on my television screen.

This amazing part of the ride starts as we enter the Time Tunnel, which is a recreation of the Hawaii Space Shuttle launch. After safely making it into space, the characters are welcomed aboard the aircraft and are briefed on the mission ahead. We then enter the Time Tunnel itself and are led to a control room. Here the team sets about the task of decoding the giant code that is written on the holographic placard. While they do this, a gigantic cylindrical door swings out from the side of the room and we are thrown outside onto the desert plain. We see a strange looking structure towering over us and the familiar logo of the ride attractions begins to flash on-screen.

A massive mechanical figure of a dinosaur is reassembled and we discover that it is called Omnimax. It is evidently some sort of military construction, which is why the military trains and maintains the facility. Our guide explains that Omnimax is part of the Disney Empire’s attempt to create a mega theme park that will rival the entire Entertainment Capital of the World. This gigantic display is part of what they hope will be called the Omnimax Zone. And indeed it’s only the first of many attractions that will join the total sensory thrill offered by the new location.

The ride takes us through a number of scenes in the future including a giant flying saucer that picks up the Omnimax logo and drops it to the ground. Another shot of the gigantic ship shows off the incredible special photographic effects supervisor Douglass Trumbull. Trumbull has been an active member of Disney’s Visual Effects team since 1971 and is one of the original producers of the Cars franchise. He was responsible for the original blue screen look for the opening of Disneyland’s California Adventure and has worked on such films as King Kong and The Nightmare Before Christmas. His credits also include Finding Nemo and Planes of Fire.

After exiting the omnimax screen, we discover that our delightful ride vehicle has taken us into a prehistoric world of huge elbowed animals, large enough to be frighteningly large. We are introduced to the mysterious resident of the cave-like kingdom called Oliphanthem. Trumbull shows us the ins and outs of the delorean ride by showing us the computer generated character movements and also explaining how the special effects were achieved. While talking to him we learn that the creatures seen earlier in the film were inspired by dinosaurs that were discovered in the United States.

At the conclusion of the film, after the massive creature menace has been put to rest, the main characters including the three Disney Characters return to finish out the story of the film. The Cars Land is opened for business and the Cars roller coaster runs successfully for the grand finale. The Cars Land also features many other attractions apart from the Cars Land including the Disney-MGM Studios theme park and the Disney MGM Studios Theme Park. The Cars Land is ranked number four in Thrill Tower’s Top 5 Most Enthusiastic Places to Visit in the USA.

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