Rapture Movie Review – A Look at the Psychological Thrills in Rapture

The Rapture movie is a fast paced sci-fi thriller that is directed by Andrew Niccol. It’s released in the month of June of 2021 and stars Jack Nicholson, alongside Joanna Going Papers, Alexander Flores, and Edward Furlong. The movie has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment value. Here are some insights and reviews on this film.

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rapture movie
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The movie begins at the sinking of the luxury ocean liner off the coast of San Diego. A man named Paul goes on a solo mission to rescue those people who have been stranded without food or a way to travel back to the surface. Along the way he encounters other survivors and is joined by Naomi, a girl from his past.

Two weeks later, Paul becomes possessed by a malevolent entity that is the result of the radiation damage to the passengers of the boat. He becomes aggressive and violent, forcing the others to fight him. Naomi is badly beaten during the battle, but is saved at the last moment by a group of Ocean Security agents led by Frank Poole. Frank and his team consist of three men and a dog named Dog.

This movie presents a unique perspective on the ocean’s ecosystem. It shows the view from the perspective of the animals living below the surface, rather than being viewed from the surface by the humans on the boat. These animals include jellyfish, crabs, and octopuses. They are shown struggling to deal with the situation, which ends in their death.

Another perspective is from the scientific researchers at the lab. They see the Ocean Security agents killing the animals, while Dr. Milton reluctantly follows them into the facility. The outcome of this sequence reveals how much the Ocean Security needs to be scrutinized. Their methods go against the values that the United States has established.

The movie creates a sensation, bringing the entire world together to watch the drama unfold. People from all over the world can join in the celebration as well. This is a great opportunity to come together, learn more about each other, and share experiences. It also provides a platform for a possible future business relationship. A good idea is to buy tickets ahead of time so you can attend when it is available.

It is not often that a movie like Rapture gets an early release, let alone one that is such a fantastic movie. Hopefully other producers will pick up where this one left off and produce more installments. The graphic novel is an amazing piece of art. The visual design is incredibly vivid and the storyline is gripping. Everyone involved in the production should be commended for such a wonderful film.

Rapture is set to be one of the most talked about films for many years to come. It is the perfect film to catch up on some of the past events and future events. Fans of science fiction, movies, and television in general will enjoy this one. Those not interested should avoid it at all costs. The quality of the picture and the performances are excellent.

The storyline itself is very well thought out and executed. Actors such as Marion Cotillard and Russell Crow will do what they do best and shine. The supporting cast plays their roles to the best of their ability, as well. No one is left out of the movie no matter who is involved.

All in all, this is a fantastic, engaging movie that fans of any age group will find fascinating. It is quite original in it’s story concepts and the way it is told. The visual style is quite unique. It will hold the attention of the entire family.

Overall, Rapture will make a great introduction to the concept of science fiction. I would recommend it to any teenager wanting to get into the genre. It isn’t for the young people out there, but is rather a mature-level movie for those looking to expand their horizons. All in all, I give this movie an average rating. It is not something I would recommend for the kids because of the subject matter, but it is a fun watch for those who are already fans.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of this fantastic movie, then now is the time. You won’t regret it. Besides, it is a definite must-see film for all ages! Do you have a copy somewhere? I highly suggest getting it while you can!

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