The Coats of Many Colors

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The Breakfast Club is a great movie starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard as three women who travel across the country in a car. At each stop along the way they encounter a fun-filled locale where they get to meet a wide range of people and do some crazy things. In particular the car that they end up renting goes on a wild goose chase to help them go back home. This article will give you the low down on this wonderful and entertaining film.

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Audrey Hepburn plays herself,ela Rose, a socialite who owns her own successful salon. When her friend Rose (Debra Messing) comes to town for an important business deal she tells her that she has to come by with her own car, so she can use the spot as her own. Shortly thereafter they both go to visit the home of Rose’s mother in hopes of getting an appointment. It is here in the visit that they notice the colorful drapes and furniture set up inside the home.

While they are there a man named Ross shows up and starts hanging around the women. One of the women notices his aura and decides to break it off with him. On their way out a fight breaks out and Rose is badly beaten while trying to defend herself. As she lays unconscious she sees her own reflection in the window of the salon’s door. She wakes up the next morning to a horrible looking bruised face and is determined to get the man responsible for her beat up. This film gets lots of laughs from beginning to end.

The whole time we are seeing Audrey Hepburn in many colors, but in the beginning she is just wearing a white outfit. As time progresses the character begins to change as she gets more involved in the story line. The first time we see her in the movie wearing many colors is at the end of the movie when she and Ross are walking through a field. At the end of this scene her hair is all messed up and she is wearing a yellow jacket and jeans.

Throughout the rest of the film the coat is only worn by someone a little more responsible. Eventually it becomes part of Rose’s costume and is the same one she wears in the beginning. Eventually the woman falls for another rich guy and he dumps her. Her new love interest is revealed to be a rich Russian guy who purchases her a pink chauffeured car and starts telling her that she has a beautiful coat that is too large for her.

At the end of the film we learn that Rose was not the only one who wears a crazy color dress. There are many others like it too. They wear these dresses for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the women in the movie are trying to impress their boyfriends or guys. At other times they simply want to look fabulous for a big event. It is interesting to note how many colors the dress is worn in this movie.

The most interesting part of Rose’s outfit in this film is her ability to change her coat into a myriad of colors. We see her changing her shirt, skirt and blouse into many different hues. Some of the women even wear white pants to cover up their mistakes. One of the men even has trouble figuring out which outfit he should wear to the party.

Rose’s ability to change her outfit to suit different occasions is very creative. This is only one of many shades that women can accessorize with. In the many movie genres that feature colorful characters women are often given the opportunity to show off their fashion sense. This is just another example of how women can use fashion to make themselves look extra special on the big screen.

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