The Social – A Movie Review

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Smosh: The Movie is an interesting YouTube movie review that we are going to take a look at. It’s quite different from the other “tech-inged” YouTube videos we’ve seen lately. In fact, the entire concept of the movie is less about the technological aspects and more about the social aspects of online interaction. It also follows a very funny story that’s just as entertaining to Smosh viewers as it is for those who don’t watch the video.

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Smosh is all about two young friends, Alex ( Anthony Padilla ) and Pax ( Cole Hilliard ) – both of whom have been caught up in the newest hot item in online social media, “The Social” – a website that allows people to upload short online films or “vlogs” that chronicle their daily lives. When the two decide to join The Social, they quickly find themselves in over their heads. First, they begin to add each other to their growing network of friends and then, when they decide to try and make a movie together, things don’t go so well. Instead of making a successful movie, the two are massively disappointed.

The Social was not created as a mainstream hit, but instead became a cult hit on YouTube and other online social networks. Many people saw the movie without even watching it, because it was such a unique concept that not only captured the imagination of young kids but also ticked the curiosity of many older viewers who may have never considered anything like it before. The main characters in the movie are a young woman who has a crush on an older man; a professional gamer who uses the Internet to get his “fix” of video game life; and a teenager who is obsessed with social networking. While it is impossible to say how successful the movie will be once it receives DVD distribution, it’s safe to say that The Social has something going for it beyond being a unique concept. This movie just may become one of the biggest surprises of the year!

What makes The Social so different from similar films that have been successful in the past? One of the biggest differences is the quality of the movie itself. The Social is filled with funny moments and wacky one liners that will have you laughing at the screen. Smosh the movie is all about the characters and what they do with their time and their surroundings. This is far different than most animated films or videos that are seen today.

Another difference is the content. Most movies these days are just stories with characters that exist solely to provide a distraction from the main subject. Smosh the film instead provides a character for the viewer to relate to, one that has an obsession for social networking. This type of film requires a bit more of an explanation, and that is what makes The Social one of the best movies of 2009. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be a member of a social network, then this film is definitely for you.

Another difference that The Social brings to the table is that it provides a much more in depth look at social etiquette. While most movies today only show how proper manners can get you kicked off a social network, Smosh the movie shows how important these small details can be. By showing how simple things can affect your standing with a group of people, this film provides another element that many other movies do not touch upon.

The Social is also one of the most anticipated movies of the year. This is because it is coming from director Adam Sandler. The success of movies like Billions and Funny People has opened the floodgates for other comedians to come and make their own mark on the comedy scene. If you enjoy watching movies about life, then The Social is going to be right up your alley. If you enjoy movies about social interaction, then this is one of the few films that you should add to your movie list this year.

If you have never had the opportunity to see the movie, then this might be a great opportunity. Sandler is one of the best actors in the industry at the moment, and he brings his acting ability to the forefront in The Social. The Social is certain to be one of the most talked about comedies of the summer. With one half of the movie seeing as a lighthearted social satire, and the other half dealing with some serious but funny social situations, Smosh the Movie is sure to be one of the most talked about films of the summer. With great direction and a cast of hilarious characters, The Social could prove to be quite the entertaining movie.

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