Filming a Bermuda Triangle Movie in Florida

The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place located around Bermuda, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. It s at times called the Hurricane Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. It stretches over 44,000 square kilometers of ocean.

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It is located in the Eastern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. There are many theories as to the reason the Bermuda Triangle has such a dark, mystifying aura about it. Many theories have been proposed as to why planes could not get into it. Some believe it to be a Bermuda magnetic field while others think it has something to do with the black holes that surround it. In any case, there are many theories regarding the Bermuda Triangle movie cast and more.

One of the most popular theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle movie cast is a massive mystery that surrounds the Gumbo Limbo area. This is located near the capital of Saint John, Bermuda – thus the name Gumbo. This area is known for strange disappearances and the “missing people” cases there. The area was the site of the Gumbo Limbo haunting in the 1980’s. It was here that a series of five disappearances took place.

Another popular theory surrounding the Bermuda Triangle movie cast involves the Spider-Man mythos. It all began when Sam Raimi, the director of the movie, was asked what elements he would bring into the film that would tie in to Spider-Man. Sam replied that he wanted to make sure that the entire cast and crew knew what the ending theme song was going to be. When a bunch of fans started telling him that they had never seen a scene featuring Spider-Man before, Sam immediately knew that this was his greatest chance to tie in a Spider-Man theme into the film. This of course would help make the Bermuda Triangle a more fitting place to set a Spider-Man film in.

The last theory surrounding the Bermuda triangle sets the scene on three small islands off the coast of south florida – Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. These islands are collectively referred to as the Florida straits. The islands are home to some of the most famous landmarks in the country, including the dunes, beaches, and monuments which became iconic icons of the south. The only problem is that it is almost impossible to film movies in the south of the state due to the extreme weather conditions.

For the purpose of filming a bermuda triangle movie, a plane could fly into one of the gateways between the two islands and film at specific locations on either island. In order to gain access to the actual locations, however, planes would need to fly around one or more of the airports on the four islands – Fort Lauderdale in Miami, Clearwater in Sarasota, Palm Beach in Sarasota, or Gainesville in Atlanta. The down side to this method is that the pilot would have to fly around each island twice, making it nearly impossible to film two different scenes at the same time. Another issue is the weather in the area, as filming would have to be halted for bad weather (i.e. low oil pressure in the vicinity of the main islands or heavy rain).

One way to circumvent the weather is by landing on one of the island’s dry islands close to the southern tip of the state. There are many islands between south florida and puerto rico – these would be the best bermuda triangle movies filmed here. Many of these islands have multiple airfields, runways, hotels, and other places for filming, as well as plenty of space for traveling cars. The reason that this method is not utilized as often as flying around the state is because of the risk involved with landing on a remote island without any form of infrastructure. It also tends to take a long time to access the island, which greatly reduces the filming time available.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest obstacle to completing a bermuda triangle movie from the southern state is the weather. Between the humidity and heat in the summer and the cold and wetness of winter, shooting anywhere on Florida’s Gulf Coast is almost impossible. Between the months of January and March, temperatures rarely dip below fifty degrees, with the exception of a few days in the middle of February and early March. It can get a little bit better during April and May, but summer is the worst month by far, with temperatures usually staying in the mid-to-upper seventies. Overall, Florida is a great place to film a bermuda triangle, but the conditions involved make it a near impossible option for most filmmakers.

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