‘Bates Motel’ TV Series Finale – A Quick Review

‘Bates Motel’ is one of those movies you either love or hate. Based on the novel ‘The Bates Motel’, it’s a tale about the seedy underbelly of Texas. A disturbed mental patient, who once roomed with the famous late psychiatrist, Norma Bates in the state mental hospital, inherited the famous Bates Motel after her own death and attempts to fix it up so it can be a reputable business. The movie is quite successful for a film and boasts some pretty good acting performances by both the leads and supporting actors.

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There is also a television series based on the same characters. The first season ended on a high, with a number of audience members buying into the Bates Motel concept and staying for an extended period of time. It was an instant hit and received critical acclaim, which may explain why the second season has been so successful. Season two is currently streaming on Netflix, so you should have a full grasp of where the show is heading. I’ll tell you that in this review.

The second season is all about the true story of Norma and her escape from the Texas prison where she spent her younger years. It chronicles her life from childhood to her adulthood in Europe, where she falls in love and takes a long stroll along the beach with a young American tourist. Things go bad though, as her daughter has been killed by a mugger and Norma must find out what has happened to her lover before it’s too late. This is a gripping and very realistic story, that won’t disappoint even the most ardent fans of the Bates Motel.

The new season of ‘Bates Motels’ revolves around the murder of another resident, Thomas Cordy. As he goes missing, Norma sets up a search for him, led by her friend Ellen Ware. However, Cordy’s body is never found, and Ella is left suspicious that his killer may have framed her husband for the crime. In addition, there’s a new suspect that comes forward, and Norma and Ellen must work out their differences if they want to expose the killer and save the motel. Meanwhile, there’s a new guest at the motel, played by Autumn Reeser, who plays the part of Anna Remington.

Anna Remington is the perfect character for a Bates motel movie, as she’s a very lonely and disturbed girl, looking for a cause for her pain and anger. In the first few minutes of the show, it’s easy to note the resemblance between Anna and the real life sister of one of the motel owners, Jack Pickens (pencil-play by Michael Gambon), who is also a very lonely young man. In the second season, as the investigation continues, we learn that Anna has fallen in love with another man, Max Thieriot (James Russo). Also, Norma and Ellen have fallen in love with each other, although neither knows the other’s name.

The third season of the TV series ends with a near-complete ending of the show, which was highly anticipated by fans of the show. But what became of Anna Remington and her relationship with Jack Pickens? They’re still lovers, of course, but how long will they be able to maintain their romance and their secret lives under the pretense of working at the bates motel? It seems that once the secrets of the motel business are revealed, both lovers will have to find new relationships elsewhere.

There’s also a lot to say for the acting prowess of Michael Gambon as the star of the show, as he plays the part of Norma. Not only does he play her best friend and sometime-rival, but he turns in a convincing performance as the cynical, straight-faced, real estate tycoon. There’s also something about watching Michael Gambon that anyone who has watched the TV series would recognize. He’s that incredibly versatile character, which allows him to do almost any kind of role that he wants. And his greatest achievement in the role of Norma is that he gets to develop an entire character, which is more than most actors can say.

It is certainly easy to compare the TV show to the bates motel season six finale. Both had great endings, and the cliff-hangers were as exciting as they could be, especially after watching the last episode. However, it is important to state that season five of the TV series did have its moments of greatness, but there were definitely times when the show failed to maintain the same interest level as season four. Hopefully, the writers can continue to work on the show and improve upon what they have accomplished so far. If not, there will be fewer chances for viewers to get caught up with what is happening within the motel.

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