New Moon Teaser – Will This Spinoff Or Movie Revolutionize the Twilight Saga?

Addams Family Reunion
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Addams Family Reunion is an 1998 American animated cartoon comedy horror film based on the same characters from the original cartoon created by artist Charles Addams. The story follows the mischievous Addams family as they try to get rid of the evil ghost and their relatives in this effort. This movie was made for the United States by the Walt Disney Company, and the British animation studio Pixar. Both studios produced the film, but the American version was released first. Both versions feature the voice talents of Tim Burton, Robert Downey Jr., and Jennifer Chung.

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The movie begins with two newlyweds, Mr. Addams (Tim Burton) and Mrs. Addams (Jennifer Chung) are enjoying their honeymoon in a luxury hotel. Unfortunately, their romantic interludes are interrupted when a mysterious, and very strong, electric chair falls from a window, killing Mr. Addams. Mrs. Addams, in despair, decides to hire a hit man to eliminate the “baby killer”–but he instead kills his own brother instead. When the hit man tracks down Addams’ family, the entire family reunites, and Addams’ grandmother shows them a surprising secret…

Charles Addams is the grandfather of modern day Addams family members, and the creator of the cartoon character. It is said that Charles Addams wrote most of the first two installments of the Addams family cartoon, which is where the basis of the modern story line and settings were derived from. Charles wrote the books for the TV series as well, and designed the layout of the various houses and locations that were featured in the TV series. The designs that Addams designed for the television series are the basis for most of the furniture and decorations found in the various rooms of the fictional family’s home.

The early Addams family reunion episodes featured Addams family members, but the funny thing is that they were all dead. The reason why Addams family members of the early times were all dead is because Addams was a mad scientist. He created a machine that could create life when you injected him with a little bit of dying human blood. After creating this machine, Addams then had all his family members go on a mission to kill anyone who might attempt to hurt his creations, which included people like Mrs. Addams, who was born in the wrong family.

The theme of the Addams family reunion that will be featured in the second installment of the Twilight saga is “The Pugsleywog” story, which takes place during Bella Swan’s pregnancy. In the first draft of the Twilight book, Addams family reunion was going to feature everyone from the first two books, but author Michelle Addison realized that it was not realistic to have everyone from the first two books show up at the reunion. Therefore, she decided to make everyone from the first two books join forces to help Bella get pregnant and become a full fledged vampire. Here are some hints for the second movie in the series that will include Addams family members from the first book.

First off, since the first two movies of the Twilight saga featured Charles Addams as the main character, we can guess that he will be featured in at least one of the official sequel teasers. There are several different versions of the Charles Addams Cable Network commercials where he is the talking dog, and they seem to be doing quite well with getting kids to watch their television shows. The different Charles Addams movies that were made after the first two movies in the series are also quite fun to watch. Some of these include “When Harry Met Sally”, “Priceline”, and “Bewitched”.

Another member of the Addams family that will be making an appearance in the second film is Jim Carrey’s character of Johnoker. The role was played by co-actor Edward Herrmann, who also appeared in the first two Twilight films as Jacob. Johnoker is an Addams duplicate who works at a company called “Worldwide Entertainment”. The only reason I can think of for this company to be featured in the film is because the TV show “American Idol” is based out of the same city as this company.

Finally, the role that I am going to mention in the third installment of the Twilight saga will be played by Aidan Gillen. His character is Quilliam, who has been mentioned in a couple of teasers as becoming a major part of the story. What I’m not sure about is whether or not we will ever see Quilliam appear in the actual film, or if the character will only serve as a minor character in one of the eventual films that are made from the book series. Either way, I am very happy with the actors that are included in the new series called New Moon. Hopefully you have as much fun with New Moon as I do, and I’m sure that the two studios involved are having just as much fun with it.

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