The Addams Family – A Classic Family Watch

“The Addams Family” is one of the most popular animated films of all time. When a young boy ( Christopher Lloyd) who claims to be Fester, the lost brother of Gomez Addams (advertising him as Mr. Incredible), arrives at the Addams home, the family is overjoyed. But, when Morticia (Ann-Margret), a woman who has become suspicious of her husband, arrives at the home, the whole family is delighted.

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The Addams Family
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But this is where the fun stops. Within minutes, Morticia has fallen in love with Fester. She tells her parents, who forbid her from marrying him, but she does anyway. The Addams family, consisting of three boys (benfitsque, Addam, and Tweety Bird), including Gomez Addams, decides to celebrate his nuptials to Morticia. Because of the reception, Fester falls into a deep trance and accidentally touches an immortal object (the “Mort”).

Two nights later, the Addams are celebrating the marriage of their long-lost uncle ( benfitsque), who happens to pass away. As everyone celebrates the good news, Fester suffers a heart attack, and his spirit leaves his body. He assumes the form of an angel. The only person who can see him is his adopted daughter Alice (ann margret), who has taken up the role of guardian angel for the poor soul. Fester has taken up the role of a good angel who helps the poor man, who by now realizes that he has been tricked by his own selfishness. When the Addams come to visit, Alice revives Fester and they take a second seat while Alice prepares the wedding cake.

One interesting thing about The Addams Family is the mannerisms of its various main characters. For example, Fester is shown to have long, flowing hair, which he somehow waves around in a rather disreputable manner. Pugsley is shown as a large, burly fellow who often times wears shirts made of old leather. And Tweety is rather fat, as his bloated face shows.

It is only when we get to Wednesday night that we discover the true colors and personalities of the Addams family. When Morticia goes to a party hosted by her uncle, Fester sneaks in as a guest and sneaks back a silver watch. At the end of the party, she discovers it has an evil eye resting atop it. From this point, our characters begin to develop a strange bond, as their philosophies about life begin to clash.

In the movie, the Addams family consists of four members: Alice, Fester, Morticia, and Wedgie. Alice is the middle daughter, while Fester is the oldest, and wedged between the two. Wedgie, who is shown to be the more outgoing and artistic of the Addams family, is the perfect example of the typical family – happy-go-lucky and full of fun. Alice, though not as smart as the others, is often described as having the “brat” persona.

The Addams Family first film was a big hit, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. It went on to spawn the sequel Addams Family Values, and a TV series. The Addams Family first film spawned a sequel, titled Addam’s Family, which was a critical and financial success. Finally, the third film in the series, Addam’s Family Pack, featured a fourth member, Pugsley, played by none other than Ben Stiller. All of these films continue the tradition of providing children and adults with the fantastic and humorous premise that started out in the film – family values and laughter shared.

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston have both had multiple roles in various movies and TV series since the first one, and it would not be surprising if they each have a role in the next. Jennifer Aniston’s best known role is on her sitcom Lucky Number Slevin, while Ben Stiller has also had supporting roles in movies such as Good Dixie, Office Space, and Carlito’s Way. Although the roles of these two actors are lower on the scale than those of Matt Damon and George Clooney, who have had tenors for the better part of a decade, they still have some of the same characteristics as the Addams family. As with any family, the dynamics of the members are often different, causing arguments, but everyone always ends up happy in the end. So when you watch The Addams Family on television, remember to look forward to the next episode, as it just might provide even more laughs and merriment!

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