WWE Draft 2021 – Who Will Win the WWE Title at the End of This Month?

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The WWE Draft is quickly approaching. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of things about it already. The main story line involves big name wrestlers getting picked by WWE. There are rumors that WWE may hold a World Heavyweight title match at some point during the WWE Draft. So who do you think would be the first pick?

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WWE Ddraft2021 is only days away. The new rosters are set to be finalized on Monday night Raw, and will come into affect after WWE’s crown jewel event. Night 1 of WWE Draft2021 offered some very interesting moves for some of WWE’s biggest stars so be sure to stay back for more coverage of this year’s draft. We’ll touch on several big names who were picked early and will see their stock take a huge jump down the line.

The Cruiserweight division is where the biggest splash this year is expected to be is Roman Reigns. He has been consistently referred to as a ” Cruiserweight Champ” throughout his career, but has never actually won an wrestling match. Injuries and struggles throughout his career have kept him from competing at the top level, but now that he’s been drafted into the WWE, he can finally have a shot at the top. He’s one of the most physically imposing performers in the company and has a ton of skill. Expect WWE to stack the bench with him and put him against the other legit top stars to push him over and give him the top spot at WWE’s Cruiserweight Division.

Another wrestler that looked like he was going to go earlier but was cut is Tye Roof. Tye was another player that wasn’t considered as highly regarded as some of the other prospects in the WWE’s Cruiserweight Division, but he was consistently stacked with guys who were better than him at times. During the cruiserweight season, many believed Tye to be on the bubble and could slip out of the WWE’s weight class. Now that he’s been drafted into the WWE, I wouldn’t be so quick to call him a bust. I think he’s got what it takes to go far in the business and become one of its great stars.

Last but not least on our list of big names that have been drafted for WWE’s 2021 draft is Aries someone that no one really knew was Aries. Aries was originally signed by TNA as a part of their developmental team, but wasn’t really given a shot until they brought him over to the main roster as part of the Impact roster. Aries has had a stellar career in TNA and has been a valuable part of their developmental stable ever since.

So where does all of this leave us with our countdown to the WWE’s 2021 Superstars? We’ve got a few main points to start off with. First, Roman Reigns is clearly the top guy heading into the WWE draft. I wouldn’t expect anyone to come in behind him to challenge him, and I don’t see anyone else getting that near the top that would benefit the company so badly.

The next man on our list of big time NFL prospects that could possibly earn a shot at the WWE draft 2021 are running back-up quarterbacks. Tyreek Johnson, Levin Betters, and Kenyan Hawthorn are the three best NFL runners available at the moment and each one has the physical tools to make an impressive impression on the scouts that visit Baltimore during the Combine and Super Regional cycles. They also have the character and attitude to play at the next level, especially if they get selected in the first round. The first two picks in the first round of the NFL draft will likely be running backs, which bodes well for any team looking to solidify their run game and take the football offense to the next level. The third round could also see an offensive player taken ahead of another player because one of these top prospects could be the best athlete or skill set available at the position.

Now, what about the women’s division. Who do you think will win the WWE women’s championship at the end of October? I have a feeling the odds are stacked against Team Cena, but there’s still a chance they can pull out a victory if there are a few surprises on the show this week. Be sure to make your picks for the WWE draft 2021 soon because the Women’s World Heavyweight title will be up for grabs at the end of this month.

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