Twilight Midnight Sun Movie Enters the 2nd Week of May

Twilight is easily one of the bestselling book series ever adapted into the big screen. A whole lot of movies have been made till date. These movies are mostly based on four books in the Twilight saga. The latest release of the series, Twilight Midnight Sun, is becoming hugely popular among Twilight fans. Let us take a detailed look at this movie and know how it has affected the franchise.

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We all know that the first movie of the Twilight saga was released in 2021. In the film, Edward Cullen plays Edward Cullen and Bella Swan is played by Bella Swan. You may have forgotten but there was another female character in this film that got killed off right in the middle of the movie! So, what was the fuss all about for the new movie?

Well, apart from the intriguing murder scene, which got everyone talking, the second installment of the Twilight saga has just about everything that Twilight fans want in a movie release date. For example, we know that the next installment of the film will be set in Chicago. Well, when it comes to major cities like Chicago, there is hardly any business going on at night. So, when twilight midnight sun comes up in such a prominent city, it is sure to create a huge hype among the fans of the series.

As per the reviews and interviews, the director for the second twilight saga, Catherine Keener has finally confirmed that the second installment of the movie will surely be a blockbuster hit. She told media persons that the book’s first installment was just as amazing as the first novel. Now, fans can only wait for the next book. As many people are already aware of how the first novel in the saga sold like hot cakes, the second novel is expected to do the same. Even the good reviews for the first novel were good enough for movie directors to want to make a grand deal with Catherine Keener.

Many fans are wondering whether the new novel is going to disappoint or please the fans. Well, now all the fans have a clue. Well, they just have to know whether the second book in the twilight series, The Fall, is going to be as amazing as the first novel. One thing is for sure, no one will be able to stop reading the books before the end of this year. In fact, many fans have already started speculating about the possible twists that the second book may bring in the upcoming movie release date of twilight.

When the first novel of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, came out, it created a stir and became a huge success. This was primarily because of its strong erotic scenes. However, since the release of Eclipse, book lovers are looking forward to the next novel in the series, New Moon. This book is said to be more substantial than the previous books.

The trailer of the upcoming movie has already made rounds on the internet. If you go through the trailers well, you would see that Edward Cullen is back as Edward Cullen, and he has a blond hair now, unlike in the earlier chapters when he had a greying hair. It is evident that the Twilight fans are all excited about the prospect of seeing their beloved characters in the popular movies. Now whether the second half of the series will have the same amount of wow factor as the first half is something that has to be seen to be believed.

With the trailers and teasers becoming more famous among the fans, there is no wonder that the sales of the Twilight sagas have reached all time highs. So far, fans have bought over ten million dollars worth of merchandise based on the Twilight saga, including books, films, and games. Even with the demand for more Twilight movies on the way, netFlix has offered fans the opportunity to watch the much loved Twilight movies without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Now is the time to buy more twilight merchandise so that you can watch your favorite scenes anytime, anywhere you wish.

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