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Vince Delmonte and Mickael Stanwyck were the starting nucleus for a rock band that would become known as WWE. It didn’t take long for their unorthodox style of music to catch on and they soon became a major player in the company. What started out as a club promoter for WCW, has blossomed into one of the most popular entertainment companies in the world today. Vince and Mickael created the “A Minute” specials which were shown on T.V., and made wrestling more exciting than ever.

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But before WWE could become the name that it is today they first had to overcome their original negative image. Many believed that WWE was nothing more than a bunch of aging wrestlers who were trying to cash in on the popularity of hip-hop music. When the company tried signing rap superstars such as Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, they were quickly turned off by their demands for excessive paychecks and outrageous contracts. The attitude towards WWE changed dramatically over the years.

WWE now has one of the youngest audiences of any pro wrestling company. A large portion of its audience is under the age of thirty. That is a fact that seems to go unnoticed by the company, but it is a fact nonetheless. Another fact that seems to go unnoticed is that much of the music heard on WWE radio is inspired by rap and hip-hop music and acts as inspiration for some of the content on WWE television and DVD’s. Even if you don’t like the music, you have to admit that it gets you pumped up while watching the matches.

Some wrestlers have said that the music helped them become more motivated in their career. Some have even said that their mindset on the court changed dramatically due to the cheers and encouragement from the crowd and the positive reception from the crowd when certain songs were played. Ric Flair was inspired by certain songs and decided to incorporate those tunes into his own promos and matches. It is not known if he considered having music randomly played during his matches or just using them during some of his entrances.

Vince McMahon is noted as one of the owners of WWE who plays an important role in the running of the company. The majority of the Ric Flair’s rhymes and music are directly aimed at the audience and the company. He is well known for his strong love of music, especially pop music. One can assume that he may have some input in the creation of WWE’s music selections. It would make sense that he would have a hand in choosing the music that would be played at their concerts.

Ric Flair may not be the primary owner of WWE, but he does have a large part in the company’s history and remains a huge star in the industry. He is loved by many wrestling fans around the world, both male and female. His music choice of past favorites have always provided fans with great entertainment. His energetic entrance and energetic match on the ring have won him many loyal fans and continue to bring in the crowds during his matches.

In recent times, WWE has made a few changes to the music they play at their concerts. Hulk Hogan no longer performs as a wrestler, but instead acts as the company’s main heel. This has had a positive impact on the audience as there is no need for the audience to get warmed up before seeing the matches. People already have a keen interest in what they will see when they arrive at the arena. Many younger wrestlers who have never been a big fan of wrestling have been able to enjoy the matches because they were not distracted by the presence of their hero. This has created a unique niche in the company for those who want to break into the entertainment scene.

Ric Flair’s influence over the direction of WWE has been profound. WWE has used his music and words to sell countless copies of DVDs and continue to bank on his high energy and persona to promote their product. Ric Flair has created numerous legends in his career and is considered as the company’s all time favorite wrestler. Many people have become fans because of their association with wrestling and the entertaining match that it offers to its viewers. The company has worked hard to ensure that Ric Flair is given all the credit and accolades he deserves. Other superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Ric Flair have also created a legion of loyal fans simply for the presence of these legends in WWE.

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