Review of Kemono Jaegen Episode 1

kemono jihen episode 1
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The first episode of the new season of Kimono Jeans is finally here! It is subtitled Kimono Jeans New York. I am excited to watch this show because I have been waiting for this to happen since it first premiered. Let me tell you what the new season has to offer.

Table of Contents

This first episode opens up with an action-packed day at work. The office girl is busy talking on the phone about a client. A man in the background remarks that she needs to get something off his chest. She responds by asking if he wants to go bowling. This prompts him to say that he just went bowling and he is so sore, but thanks to the supernatural power of the jeans, he has not injured himself.

A woman in the office passes out a business card with an amazing picture attached. The name is Kamine which means “The Fox of Nine Sons” which has a star shaped logo in the background. Apparently, this company is about to launch a new line of jeans. Kimono jeans have suddenly gained a major boost of popularity and people are now trying to get these items in the market even before the show debuts!

A boy named Hidehiko visits a friend in a hospital and asks him for the location of a mysterious man called Kamine. The boy is shocked when he finds out that this man is actually a superstar singer who has become wealthy overnight due to his own singing abilities. The two then find out that the man’s ghost is now sharing his bed and the reason for this is due to the fact that he went through a serious trauma during his youth. This is the basis of the story of the first episode of kemono jihen episode 1.

Unfortunately, Hidehiko’s death was a painful experience for him as he realized that he had become a superstar overnight thanks to an unfortunate accident. He returns to the isolated rural community and witnesses the violent death of some young boys while he is tending to his cows. The next time he appears on the scene, he sees his dead cattle lying on the ground and realizes that his friend Kamine was the cause of his untimely death. From this point on, the two become friends and the show takes off with the main story being how Hidehiko desperately tries to solve the mystery that has been plaguing his friend for quite some time.

The series then introduces us to the protagonist, Hidehiko, who returns to the isolated rural community as the head of the household. He quickly realizes that the people have been burying their dead animals because they did not bury them during the time of death. This leads to the investigation of a serial killer that resides in the area. Although Hidehiko wants to press charges against the owner of this man, he realizes that he cannot because it would involve too much time away from work and his pregnant wife. Because of this, he decides to enlist the help of another town resident, Momokawa. To help him solve the case, he grants her permission to follow the tracks of the animal bodies using only a single night as a means of communication.

As it turns out, the serial killer is in fact a local artist who makes beautiful sculptures of human and animal bodies using the materials that he finds at the remote mountain village. Because of this man’s morbid fascination with the dead, Hidehiko allows him to search the area for some fresh body parts which he plans to use to decorate his statues. One night in particular, he finds the severed head of an inugami and realizes that it has a ring that he is interested in wearing, much to Momokawa’s dismay.

In the second episode of kemono jihen episode 2, Momokawa realizes that the townspeople are indirectly supporting the artist since they do not know that he is carving the bodies. The artist then unleashes his gruesome plans to ruin the harmony of the villagers and he sends them to their doom by having them attack each other with their own severed heads. Fortunately, the artist’s plan is foiled by Inugami who then realizes that he needs the power of a dragon to help him subdue Momokawa and throw her out of the school building. With this, he banishes all the villagers to the safety of the mountain village.

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