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“Amor y Amistad Con Juicio” is a great show, directed by Andres Musa and written by Paco Medina, with cinematography by Paco Marban. In this movie, we get to meet some new Mexican youngsters who play the role of pimps and girls. These kids are members of the Mara Salvatruccinos, or the Young Girls of the Street Gang, which are featured in the movie. This group is a main attraction to the Mexican audience, because they are so out and about and well dressed.

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mujeres en los angeles

The movie is about four young girls who belong to a gang called the Cartellas de Menor. The director, Andres Musa, wanted to create a unique story, that doesn’t happen to many movies that he has done, about these young women who belong to the low-life community, which are seen as amor y amigo, or good people, although they don’t have money. “Amor y Amistad Con Juicio” is about how the life of these young women changes when they become pimps and go to live with their “friends,” the local drug lord, in a trailer home that belongs to them. They also learn about the different organizations in town that provide protection for the “guys.”

“Amor y Amistad Con Juicio” also shows us how the drug trade flows through the different institutions in town, from the police to the local lawyers and the church. When one of the young women becomes a pimple, she is transferred to a girls’ house, a place where pimps also live. There she meets with the girl who will become her next victim and eventually two more. “Amor y Amistad Con Juicio” is a great film and a beautiful portrayal of life in Juicio. It will not only be appreciated by its viewers, but it will probably be shown on international television, increasing the awareness of young women in attendance.

Two other films that have been released in the past year are “Amores Perros” and “El campello.” Both are directed by Juan Carlos Fresnader and both have been shown on Televisa. Both are outstanding films that will please those audiences that appreciate sensitive issues, especially those that deal with crime, drugs, education, gangs, the media and the social problems that affect all of us as human beings.

“Amores Perros” is about a young woman who has left home to study in an educational institute, given the name Rosie. She soon gets out of her situation to live a somewhat dangerous lifestyle. She meets and falls in love with a man in a blue-collar job. The couple’s life is complicated when one day, they get into a dispute over money which leads them to be robbed at gunpoint. The movie progresses as the couple tries to save their lives and run away from the police that is chasing them. Eventually, the viewer comes to learn that both Rosie and her husband were framed and the whole thing was set up by some corrupt politicians and a businessman who wanted to gain popularity by stalling the elections.

“El campello” is about two cousins who become members of a street gang named “The Dead Rabbits”. As a nickname, they used to call each other Chucky and Sweetie. They are on the run when they encounter a group of soldiers who intend to capture them for a war they are planning to start. The cousins manage to escape and inform the police that they were mugged. They then go to find their cousin and find out he was shot and captured by the military.

One of the most famous film heroines isistas likeista “Cristina de la Resistible” (” Cristina the Resistant”), Alejandra Soto (“Alabel”) and “Marinaldo”. All three have had their own fan following in the Greater Los Angeles area. “Cristina de la Resistible” (aged 17) is a heroine of a soap opera. She is a 16 year old girl who is the perfect victim for many bad guys. Her story is so good, that she became a soap opera favorite in its last season before it was cancelled. “Marinaldo” is a rather mysterious hero who was seen at the prom wearing a mask resembling that of a vampire.

” unaccompanied por puta” (“Un unaccompanied por puta”) are groups of kids that are vulnerable, lost and hungry for help. This group crosses the border into the United States from Chiapas, Mexico and is on the run from drug dealers. “Puerto guerra” (” rabies ridden pig”) are stray dogs that are abandoned along the side of the road. These groups of animals will stop at nothing to find water and food and will brave desert and mountain ranges to get back into the United States.

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