Is the Skylar Shark the Real Lady Gaga?

Skylar Shark is known for her famous Instagram celebrity, Tik Tok Star, actor, model, or Social Media Influencer actually born in 1990, in the United States of America. She did her post graduate studies in the United States as well and graduated from Home Town University College. The same year that she did her graduation, she was also in the “Oxford School of Business.” In a few years, she became a famous face in the fashion industry with her popular and widely used Instagram account.

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In a nutshell, Skylar shark is an American Nationality social media personality, who has more than thirteen thousand followers and six hundred posts in Instagram. The most common images posted by her on her instagram are her images from the United States of America and the United Kingdom. And she is commonly tagged as a “skylar shark” because of the mixed ethnicity that she represents.

According to her profile, the Skylar shark height is just right at five inches and the width is just right at four inches. Furthermore, the “curved belly” that she possesses makes her look taller than her actual height. This “belly” of hers has made her seem shorter in reality and she did say that she usually wears the same kind of shoes and top that she normally wears when she goes out for the day.

In one of her instagram posts, she wrote that she wears a size 6 and this is the size of the shoes that she usually wears. If you compare this shoe size to her other posted instagram photos then you can see that she is wearing a size six or bigger in her casual instagram photos. This means that the Skylar shark height as claimed by the Instagram star is definitely true. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is actually wearing these shoes in her snaps or videos because of the discrepancy in her shoe size.

There are also claims that this Hollywood attraction is not real. This was further fueled by the fact that her Vlogs have very low quality videos. Some of her uploads on her YouTube channel were poorly made with choppy audio and zero details. Her vlogs also contain typos and gaps where she switches between text and video. All of these things point to her being a fraud.

The second biggest reason why she isn’t as tall as she claims to be is that there is no hard evidence that she can be proven wrong. There is only speculation that this skylar shark is real because her Wikipedia page states that she is twenty one years old. Even if she is really that age, her height cannot be measured as there are no physical measurements included in her Wiki page or her instagram and YouTube channels.

The third and final reason that this skylar shark is not real is because no one has seen her personally. While people have mentioned her in passing through online sources, no one has actually seen this person in person. For this reason, the only concrete evidence that this skylar shark exists is in the form of her YouTube and instagram accounts. The size of the instagram and wikipedia page do not coincide with each other which means that it is highly unlikely that she is uploading anything on either of these sites.

Even if the skylar shark is real, this is not a good thing for her or the film industry. As the internet continues to grow, fraudsters will find newer ways to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. If she really is a skylar shark, then her net worth will drop significantly. This may have already begun as several people are reporting that she is being blocked from public accounts due to the large amount of attention she is receiving.

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