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EgyBest (Eggest) is undoubtedly the best free VPN application for Android phones. The application allows you to easily access geo restricted sites on a secured network. It’s among the most prevalent internet problem on android OS. The free VPN application supports all major operating systems like Jellybean, XP, Android Kit Kat, and PDAroid.

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If you are looking to use this app while travelling then please check compatibility with your device and mobile data connection. If you are having an existing egybest account you will not face any problem accessing the application from the market. But if you don’t have an account you can go for Google Play or Appiction.

Like Facebook Connect, egybest works properly on both Android Gingerbread and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. However, on Gingerbread and ICS devices you may experience a performance slowdown when loading the app. You may also face errors while using some features.

For Facebook users, one may be annoyed by the fact that egybest is promoting Egypt instead of Malaysia after the September 11th attack. This app is basically a rip-off of Facebook Connect but doesn’t have any affiliation with Facebook at all. According to its developer, he didn’t want to create a Facebook version of the application because it wouldn’t have any commercial benefits to the user. So he didn’t add Facebook Connect or any other company icons on the home screen.

If you are also frustrated with the way egybest loads and works, then you should read the following pros and cons. The good thing with this app is that it works properly even if you have a very slow or non working computer. It is compatible with almost all kinds of mobile devices and can be used as a browser on your phone. You will be able to access your email inbox, send text messages and perform basic functions like browsing the web.

If you want to enjoy the features of egybest but don’t want to use Facebook Connect, you should try Vibrant Mobile. This is another free app which has the same interface as the Facebook Connect. In case you encounter problems while accessing your email or while performing other basic functions, you can simply use the help link accessible in the bottom left corner of your device. You can easily track the progress of your mobile data connection and fix any glitches that you come across. This is a great app which I would recommend anyone who uses an ICS or Gingerbread device.

If you are running out of storage space and would like to transfer large files to your phone, you can simply use G2A Android Transfer. The free version has limited storage but the pro version has unlimited storage space. When you go to download this application, please make sure you have internet connectivity. This is because the free version requires internet access to upload files while the pro version does not. Once you have installed the free version, you will be able to transfer any kind of files to your phone using Wi-Fi or EDGE.

These three apps can help you get immediate results when you are searching for a free mobile data provider. Remember that the best deals are often available online so you should take advantage of this by visiting our website. This site will not only provide you with price comparison between different service providers but also reviews and testimonials from people who have used the services before. You should make sure to compare the prices and benefits offered by each service provider before you make your final decision.

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