Iglesia Catolica Cerca De Mi – An Enclosed Village

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Igesia Catolica Cerca De Mi is a village in the municipality of Sant Luis de Alcantara, Menorca. This beautiful, scenic area lies adjacent to the village of Torremolinos and forms part of the Islas Mediterannean. Igesia Catolica Cerca de Mi has been a famous spa resort for tourists for many years and features some of the most authentic and charming accommodation options in the whole of Spain. The village is nestled in the pine trees and is only minutes from the beach.

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The first building you will see in the village is the Santa Maria de Los Micos which is dedicated to St. Jesus of the Angel’s Own Disk. The next building you will come across in the village is Santa Maria de Gracia which is dedicated to St. Ricardo. This is also the place where St. Miguel de Allende Church is located. It is here that you will find the remains of a great plague which devastated the village nearly two centuries ago.

In the village of San Carlos, there is the Vicinity of San Carlos. This area is not very far from the Iglesia Catolica Cerca de Mi. Once you have reached this point, you will notice a vast expanse of woods stretching out in all directions and offering a very peaceful feeling. The woods and waters of the Atlantic coast create a perfect setting for sailing enthusiasts and lovers of the sea.

You will be able to take a walk into the woods along the shoreline where the remains of plague victims were buried. The ground is still strewn with ash and earth. The ruins are eerie in the evening as you take in the serene sounds of the waves lapping against the shoreline. The atmosphere is very romantic and calming. Just imagine, you are here among the sea’s waves and currents, admiring the beauty of nature while sipping on a cold drink at the end of the day.

San Carlos is also home to another beautiful chapel, the Iglesia Santa Cruz. This church is constructed of sandstone and offers visitors views of the sea and a panoramic view of the island itself. A walk through the village will allow you to see some of the many fishing boats and yachts docked at the marina. The architecture and structures here are unique and this has made it a favorite tourist destination.

In addition to the charming views and breathtaking scenery, the weather in Iglesia Cerca de Mi is pleasant throughout the year. There are only slight variations of temperature that you will experience during the hot summer months. With mild breezes blowing, the weather is comfortable. When it does rain, it is only likely to be for a short period of time and then only in the afternoon. There are no sudden showers, so you can take full advantage of the natural showers that occur most often.

In order to access the villas, there are several car hire facilities available. Most of the Villas are around the central part of the Island. You will need to hire a vehicle in order to travel to the other villages and attractions in the area. Most of the facilities are located near the Mar Menor and the main road interchange. The roads are clean and safe.

The food in Iglesia Cerca de Mi is exquisite. The dishes are rich in taste with ingredients that come straight from the land around Iglesia Santa Cruz. It is considered an authentic Andalusian dish and comes in many variations. There are plenty of different types of seafood and meats available to eat.

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