Pirates of the Caribbean – Part 2 – The Pirate Flag

The Pirate movie franchise has grown to be one of the biggest franchises in history. After all, there are three movies to date! With the third, The Island of Pirates, the franchise has picked up where the first two movies left off. While some people complained that the third film stank of not being connected to the original trilogy, it was a box office hit and people seemed to love it. If you are planning on seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean movie soon, here are some more Pirates of the Caribbean Facts you may want to know.

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Jack Sparrow is dead. That’s right, dead as in, dead absolutely dead. No time for grieving and no time for hope. As a result, his girlfriend, Barbossa (helle Balmacedo), is now heartbroken and taken for good by her uncle, Richard (Brad Pitt). But Jack Sparrow and his crew mates managed to escape from the ship and make their way to the island where Jack Sparrow became a born hero.

The dead become the objects of desire of others once they have been “resurrected”. This causes major trouble for Jack and a group of other unlikely characters who are all trying to achieve the same goal. In the meantime, Barbossa also has had an affair with Don Pedro (Leo Costa). Once the marriage between Barbossa and Don Pedro is consummated, the former flees the country while the latter marries Flowers (Diana Diaz). The happy news about the reunion of the couple is what prompts Jack and his friends to formulate a plan to rescue Barbossa and help her escape from an impending execution.

In the meantime, back on the Caribbean, a plot unfolds in the form of an elaborate ruse. A band of buccaneers led by captain Hector Barbossa (Christoph Waltz) decide to use a dummy to lure a passing ship into a trap. Once the unsuspecting ship docks, the captain is attacked and killed. With the death of the captain, a cover-up occurs and Jack and his friends are taken prisoner.

As the days go by, the ruse unravels and the group finds itself being held prisoner by the hostile natives. There is a constant threat of death hanging over everyone’s heads and Barbossa finally snaps and starts killing everyone that crosses his path. At first, his victims are only armed random individuals but as the days pass, a surprising number of them turn out to be valuable information to the group including the daughter of the previous captain. Once the death toll starts to rise, the group realizes that they have no way of escape and that it may be too late already to do anything by this time.

With all of their attention now focused on saving the crew, Barbossa starts to get impatient with his men and orders them to leave the area. The remaining crew decides to form a resistance and once they are assembled, they set off to find a way to reach the pirate Captain. Meanwhile, Flowers and Hector continue to communicate with the captain and learn where he is heading. Once they arrive at the beach, the Indians open fire and a massive explosion rocks the beach, completely destroying the ship. Barbossa panics and realizes that there was no way to make it to shore, so he orders everyone to prepare to jump overboard and face whatever the Indians will throw at them once they land.

In order to survive long enough to make it back to the ship, Barbossa makes a plan to ambush the Indians and his men. This way, he can easily kill most of them without getting hit himself, which in the past few years has proven to be very difficult. The group makes their way through the jungle and arrives just in time to see a fire coming from the direction of the approaching Indian tribe. Hearing the commotion, they run for cover behind some palm trees, and the Indians spot them just before the fire reaches them. With the fire spreading quickly, they decide to attack the pirates and the fight is on.

The natives fight like hell and manage to take three of the pirates to the ship’s deck while another two flee to the jungle. Barbossa is killed during the struggle and Hector learns of the death of his father. With the help of Flowers and Hector (who are also dead because the Indians burn their bodies), Barbossa’s men hold off the Indians long enough for Captain William Ross to make an escape with the captured ship. As a result of his men’s defeat, Barbossa retreats back to the ship with the gold. Hector then gives the gold to his father, who dies shortly after, leaving Hector to live on his own.

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