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Based on a true story, the Blood Moon film tells the tale of two daring outlaws on a wild goose chase across the wild west. In 1887, two outlaws traveling on the Oregon trail pick up a stagecoach containing bounty hunter Calhoun. While the passengers desperately try to plan ways to outsmart their pursuers, an unseen “otherworldly” creature stalks them from the shadows in the night. The passengers and the driver are put on alert when a massive “horned” creature bursts from the night sky and begins to intimidate the townsfolk in town. Determined not to be victims of this monster, the crafty couple launches into an amazing chase that takes them through the desert and into the wilds of Montana.

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The movie is directed by Clint Eastwood and is scheduled to open in theaters March 4th, 2021. Based on an old western story, the Blood Moon follows the unlikely hero, Billy Bong, and his daring capture of a blood moon that has been turned into a monster during its last cycle. Captured by Billy Bong and his prize winning sharpshooter sister, the blood moon monster is now transformed into a powerful being known as the Ghost Rider. Riding into the woods to find the source of the blood moon’s power, the young motorcycle riders of the Ghost Rider join forces with an unsuspecting cattle ranch hand, maintained by Sheriff Joe Hood. The three heroes quickly discover that the sheriff and his wife have been slaughtered by the evil Ghost Rider and his latest ride, the Harley Broccoli Kid, has been attacked by another motorcycle gang.

Based on a second season episode of the hit series, the Blood Moon is a fun movie to watch for anyone who loves the motorcycle genre. If you haven’t seen the first Blood Moon movie (either the first or the second), I highly recommend watching them both. It is in no way a follow up on either of those films. No, the new movie is based on a true story of the late John Wayne. If you like cowboy movies and you enjoy seeing stars like Wayne and Cruise in action then this could be the ticket to getting into the genre.

Based on a graphic novel of the same name, the Blood Moon movie is directed by Wes Ball, who did a fantastic job of recreating the raw edge of Hanks’ character. I personally felt the acting was a bit flat, but I will say the visual aspects were top notch. The action sequences are brutal, and the fighting scenes are intense. The fighting in this film took some of the realism out of the entire genre, but it didn’t help the overall quality of the film. The only area where the film didn’t live up to expectations was in its estimated reading time. It clocks in at just over two hours, so it isn’t exactly an epic adventure.

In this vampire movie review, I will go over some of my thoughts on the actual film, as well as how it compares to the previous Best Western genre offerings. After spending the last couple years between these two films, I feel the need to bring up another horror movie review. The Ring, and its sequel The Water Of La Brea, were both fantastic films that fall into the horror category. I believe the original The Water Of La Brea was a sleeper hit, and would definitely make a great addition to any list of the greatest vampire movies ever made.

Directed by Tom Ford, the second season of Blood Moon is not a remade version of The Ring, nor is it wholly original. It is, however, a completely different experience. While the first season focused on creating a new mythology, the second focuses more on creating a brand new cast of characters. Ford also has a much larger budget for this film, which is always a good thing when it comes to genre films.

From the cast to the supporting characters to the scenery, everything is stunning. Although some elements are a bit excessive (mainly the bloody fights), overall the movie is very stylish and entertaining. Blood Moon director Tom Ford definitely knows his horror genre, and with great style he created an absolutely terrifying show. I especially love the portrayal of Van Damme as Edward, the evil and dangerous vampire who commands the supernatural forces of the night. Even though the second half of the movie is a bit slow in moving things along, nevertheless the pace picks up near the end.

Blood Moon is definitely a must see movie, especially for those fans of the horror genre. I would definitely recommend watching it with the whole family. If you haven’t seen either of the previous seasons, you really should pick up the volume, or rent the first one (just be sure to save it to watch at a later time). I hope this Blood Moon mov converter show review helps you in your current viewing experiences of the movies. As always, I hope you enjoyed my take on this superb genre.

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