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” Bloody Mary” is one of the many memorable films from the horror genre. Directed by George A. Trevorrow, the movie stars Ed Harris and Michelle Williams. After a series of strange events take place at a mental hospital, patients and medical staff at an unusual mental hospital start turning up dead, often eyeless, as if they had been turned into gruesome, flesh eating vampires. The victims, it is revealed, have all been eaten by the same person. It is up to the nursemaids and doctors to figure out what has happened and stop the killer from carrying out his threat. This film ranks right up there with the best of the best!

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A favorite of horror film lovers, ” Bloody Mary” has a lot going for it. For one, the star of the film, Ed Harris, turns in one of the best performances I’ve seen in a horror film this side of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The screenplay is engaging and often hilarious, especially when the actors themselves get into the act. It also has a very unique, almost surreal style to it that I found quite interesting. Probably one of the more memorable moments from the movie is when Harris drives the car into a lake to retrieve the gun used to kill his girlfriend.

I must say, I was actually very impressed with the special effects employed in the movie. There is the weird sound effect where the car is engulfed in flames after being hit, which did not go over well with some people. But other than those nitpicks, I thought the special effects were realistic and really added to the overall mood of the film. In addition, I thought the special effects were rather inventive and fun. I especially liked how they added the water to the lake to make it look like the car was submerged in blood.

Otherwise, the biggest problem I had while watching the bloody mary movie was that it felt too short. It seemed like it was taking place in just a few minutes, but when they showed slow-mo scenes in the movie, it seemed like they were taking ages just to explain each scene. Also, I felt the movie was a bit boring overall. Sure, there are fun moments, but they are spread out rather than flowing together. The acting is also pretty generic. Not that I don’t think the actors are good, but they all felt pretty uninspired.

So what is so fun about the bloody mary youtub sensation? Well, many people have pointed out that the clips of Anne Bonny and Mary’s romance have been parodied countless times, so it is easy for fans to feel as if they have seen these events before. Also, the story is just plain fun to watch. You get a little thrill when Mary goes off to college and finds herself falling for a different student. It is romantic, funny, and suspenseful all at once.

What makes the series of ” Bloody Mary” movies so popular? Well, a lot of people have mentioned the enduring humor that you get from watching the duo act out their respective roles. Also, as far as urban legends go, the name of Mary Smith almost always refers to female lovers. This adds a bit more appeal to the series. I am not exactly sure why, but it does make for a better story. And since the movie became an instant hit, I suppose it only makes sense that we get to hear the name three times in just one movie!

So, what can you expect with the ” Bloody Mary Horror” series? As you might expect, you’ll get to see your favorite characters in every episode. Except in the very beginning of the show, you’ll only get to see what really happened between Mary and Richard (the actor by the name of Eric Bana). The series definitely has its moments of dark comedy, because when we are watching the adventures of these two characters, there will be a few times when they encounter each other’s worst nightmares… like the one in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” I’m sure you’ve seen this one. It’s okay to laugh at the gruesome demise of the Leatherhead.

But in order to enjoy the entire series, you should be willing to sit through the entire movie, if you can. There are moments that will probably leave you confused and even shaking. But then again, these aren’t the only things you’ll get to see on the ” Bloody Mary Horror” youtub. There is also the ” Legends of the Bloody Mary” movie trailer and even a few minutes of footage from the upcoming “Movie: Legend of the Lost Bride” along with the trailers for the next two movies.

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