No Ordinary Family (Movie Review)

The Missing Movie is the name of an experimental short movie that was produced by award winning director Steven Soderbergh. The movie came out in 1990 and starred Michael Caine as a German World War II plane crash survivor who ends up traveling back to pick up friends and family. The Missing Movie is sometimes confused with the Michael Jackson/Yoshida mashup movie Michael Jacksonanity. While the two movies share some common elements, The Missing Movie puts itself a distinct foot forward as a strange tale about a man who seemingly returns from the dead. Its plot, characters, and music are distinctive and interesting.

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In The Missing Movie, Michael Caine plays a character known only as Jack Wilkins, a journalist who travels back in time to find out what happened to the plane carrying the US Air Force on its way to attack the German soldiers who shot down the US Navy ship the USS Enterprise. Jack is a journalist who doesn’t want to look at the events that unfold in front of him…but he has to since one of the survivors of the plane crash turns out to be his best friend. Once he realizes that his friend survived, he is determined to get the story out about the plane and the tragic events that followed. But is there a darker side to this story? What exactly happened on the plane and is there something waiting for the next plane crash that will turn our world upside down?

One of the main characters in the movie is John Caine, who is portrayed as an exaggerated actor by most people. As the movie progresses, you start to realize that the character is hiding something from the audience…but is it worth the danger to expose what they have been keeping from people like Jack? The Missing Movie answers these questions as the plot unfolds along with the manner in which the character is forced to deal with the truth about himself and his past.

One of the main stars of the movie is Robert DeNiro. As one of the more seasoned and famous actors of his time, Robert DeNiro made a wise decision in casting for the lead role in The Missing Movie. Most people would have looked at Robert DeNiro as a surefire star and the perfect person to play the role of David Kleinfeld, the main character in the story. Robert DeNiro did not disappoint as the man in the role of David Kleinfeld, but he was also one of the most convincing actors of his time. The Missing Movie is a definite must-see film…not only because of its amazing story and performances, but also due to the acting. Robert DeNiro makes a great addition to any list of leading Hollywood actors of the 80s.

Another great actor that does not get enough press when it comes to his films is Dan Aykroyd. He is known more for his acting chops, but did you know that he was also an accomplished pilot? Yes, the very same pilot that was responsible for the formation of the Special Air Force. That is right, from the TV show Land Of The Lostoids, he went on to be a member of the S.A.F. He is currently playing a leading character in the new TV series, flashbacks to the Vietnam War, called No Ordinary Family.

No movie is complete without an amazing soundtrack. A lot of music is played throughout movies… but not nearly as many as some of the music that was played during the making of the movie. In No Ordinary Family, Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston have done a wonderful job of capturing the sound of the US soldiers during the war. It was quite a thrill to hear the two Hollywood stars discuss the war in their movie.

Of course, there is nothing quite as entertaining as a well choreographed dance sequence between the good guys and the bad guys in No Ordinary Family. This was probably the best part of the movie. It’s moments like this that make No Ordinary Family a definite must-see movie…regardless of your age or gender. I especially found the dance sequence to be hilarious. Not only that, but Jennifer Aniston did a fantastic job of stealing the show.

One more excellent element of the movie is the story’s numerous flashbacks. They really kept me interested from the very first scene as Stiller and Aniston’s characters journey through the war-torn city of Vietnam. The way the characters spoke of their childhood memories was incredibly moving. Overall, No Ordinary Family is a great film that everyone should see…especially young viewers.

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