Movie The Animal by Jill Vanderwood

movie the animal
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“The Animal” is a very disturbing film. It shows a side of Police that is not very pleasant. The movie begins with a bang – a car crash leads to the discovery of a deranged killer who impersonates an officer. This man then robs a bank with a stolen truck and tries to shoot down an airplane with a bomb, but he is stopped by an FBI agent whose personal life is on the line.

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Marvin (Rob Schneider) has what it takes to meet his dream. But his luck changes when a catastrophic accident causes his shoulder to rot. Nowhere to hide, he becomes a hunted man with no hope of recovery. Nowhere to escape, he only has one chance to survive: joining forces with a deranged serial killer known as the Golden Shower, who impersonates an undercover cop.

The movie is about how society views people like us who are considered freaks. We are routinely humiliated, scorned, cast out and discriminated against. People feel pity for us and we are afraid to show our faces in public. People laugh at us and make fun of our misfortune. The movie then makes us realize that those aren’t normal people.

The movie centers on the brutality of this society and how people will go to any length to ensure they can terrorize those of us who are out to make a better world for us all. The movie focuses especially on the brutal killing of an innocent young woman by a sadistic serial killer. In particular, the movie is terrifying in its depiction of the way the victim, Rose, is killed…

We all know what happened to Rose…she went to a party and got caught in the crossfire of a street riot. What you may not know is that Rose, left alone and unarmed, was left with a group of strangers who viciously beat and shot her to death. The movie takes you inside Rose’s mind as she silently stands helplessly while being abused. You watch as she contemplates suicide by hanging herself or by becoming a zombie-like creature hunted by the killers. This scene drives home the point that no one deserves to be treated that way.

No, I’m not talking about the movie “The Animal”, which was made by the late Michael Crichton. I’m referring to the book which inspired the movie. It’s called “Eating the Sun” by Barbara Keene. While it isn’t as funny as the movie, it’s just as good. It chronicles the life of a lonely vegetarian (which happens to be both a human and an animal) who lives in New York City and experiences a series of odd events that gradually leads her down a path of self-discovery.

People have commented on how “real” the movie and book are. They say that the animals in the movie look real enough to touch. The book’s characters are so real and so like us that we can identify with them, feel a connection to them, and understand what they’re going through. There isn’t any mistaking that what is happening to the animals in the book and the movie is absolutely real.

The message of the book and the movie is that you should care about animals, not because they are living creatures with whom we have to share our close personal bond, but because they are people too and their experience and love for others forms the basis for everything we are and do. If we want to see animals happy and healthy, we have to learn to value and care for them as though they were our own children. Love the animals you see around you. You’ll be surprised at how changing your attitude about animals can alter your experience and relationship with them. When you go to the movies or read a book about animals, make sure that you see animals as people first and foremost, and no matter what movie you choose to watch or read, make sure you remember how much you cared about them when you were a child.

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