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For a toy that has such a colorful history, few people outside of diehard Lego fanatics know just how important lego movie sets are to the Lego franchise. Lego is the most colorful and creative toy ever created and like all toys it was created because people wanted something more creative than what was available at the time. People wanted to build everything from buildings to spaceships and although Lego was only available in countries of Europe and America at the time, those countries quickly got behind the idea. So Lego was first seen in the European countries but slowly it spread all over the world and today there are Legos everywhere. The Lego movie (also known as Lego Star Wars) cemented the concept and created a whole generation of Lego enthusiasts.

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Because of its popularity, there has been an increased demand for Lego movie voice cast members and as a result many Legos of various voices have been released onto the market. While some of these Legos are obviously going to be very popular with children, others will appeal to adults and maybe even teenagers. There is also the possibility of getting Legos for older children who may be nostalgic for the cartoon or movie itself.

If you are looking for a Legos movie star, then the two most popular choices are: Robin Williams or Billy Crystal. Both actors are instantly recognisable by any fan of the Lego family and while some may prefer one over the other, both stars manage to bring a unique charm to any Lego set. In this article we take a look at the two most popular lego movie sets and how they compare to the Lego Batman movie box office cast.

In the second part of the Batman movie franchise, The Dark Knight, we get to see the beginnings of the Dark Knight himself played by Christian Bale. The first Lego Batman movie voice we got was that of Anne Hathaway who played the evil queen in the first movie. Now Anne is unfortunately not returning as the villainous Cat Woman in the second film of the trilogy but it is still great to see her there as she is still a wonderful and hilarious character.

The second of the Lego movie series, The Dark Knight Rises, is widely anticipated to be better than the last film in the series. The first part in the movie just focused on the story and the second part focused on the much bigger Lego cast where all the main actors got to reprise their roles. The first part of the cast included Anne Hathaway, Jacob Lofland, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Costner while the second part added in the likes of Gordon Gekko, Hugo Weaving, Anthony Hopkins, and Anne Hathaway’s son, Dashiell!

The second Lego movie part therefore sees the introduction of the new super heroes of the Dark Knight era, The Dark Knight Rises’ cast includes Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Jacob Lofland, and Kevin Costner. It also has the introduction of the new Batman, as well as the new super hero played by Henry Cavill who happens to be the son of the late Ben Affleck. If I had to choose between the two parts, I would have to say that The Dark Knight Rises takes the cake for me, mainly because of the more intense storyline. However, if I had to choose between the two, I would have to go for the Lego movie Dark Knight cast show.

The third installment of the Dark Knight cast, the Lego movie Dark Knight 2 saw the addition of two new brilliant actors – Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba. Both of them were able to play the lead role of Wonder Woman, and they were able to add some much needed luster to the role by adding a bit of that sexy appeal to it. They also looked good in their shiny new helmets as well. One thing about the Alba and Aniston pairing is that no one can stop talking about them… especially when they are wearing those great costumes designed by the late William Wareing. The new Batman, as mentioned earlier, is played by his co-actor, Christian Bale, and his alter ego, The Joker. There is also a lot of other interesting and exciting characters in this movie, which makes the casting even better.

The fifth and last part of the Lego movie cast is the newest, which is played by none other than Anthony Hopkins. He plays the role of The Doctor, and will be forever associated with the TARDIS. There are so many amazing characters who are featured in this movie, and there are so many recognizable faces from the past and present. Between the Vitruvius voiced Batman, the mute Butch, and the criminally insane Selina, you are sure to have an amazing time with this collection. This cast also includes the likes of Diesel, Ed Norton, and The Count of Monte Cristo, so make sure to take your kids to see this fantastic movie!

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