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One of my all time favorite movies “Clerks” is available on Netflix. This film stars Steve Martin as Donny de Leon, a man who moves to Southern California from New York City in search of a new life. He teams up with a girl in the movie and goes on a wild ride of a life in the making. The movie had one of the best opening sequences I have ever seen in a film. It featured some great one liners such as “This is a normal life.”

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This film depicts a very different side of Donny de Leon. He has a daughter called Ariel who lives with him in his apartment. Their conflict over Ariel’s boyfriend leads to Donny risking everything he owns in order to get back with Ariel. In one scene they even break into a drugstore where they get marijuana which almost gets them thrown into jail.

Despite the ridiculous events that unfold throughout the film, it is a very funny film full of laughs. There are several different scenes where Donny gets into trouble with the police. Overall this is a fantastic film that highlights the differences in life while also highlighting the comical side at the same time.

The film is about a drug addict named Jaime Osuna. He works hard to be a good husband and father but when his son is killed in a car crash, he completely loses his mind and is consumed by addiction. Throughout the film he goes through several major withdrawals including an almost fatal overdose.

This is probably the only film of its kind to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Joaquin Phoenix was also nominated for this award but lost to Morgan Freeman for the Best Actor category. This documentary has a lot to say about drug addiction and its aftermath. It tells the story of how nothing will replace the family and the time that is spent together. It also gives a lot of advice to those struggling with drugs.

This film has a very gritty and realistic storyline. The reality behind the characters is very interesting. Jaime goes through several major events that affect him and also the people around him. This includes his own loss of job as well as his daughter’s pregnancy. The way that he deals with these setbacks and issues makes for a very believable character.

He also stars alongside Diego Luna, who plays a Mexican drug lord. They have a chemistry together and really bring out the emotions in the character. The two of them definitely make for a great couple. The chemistry between Luna and Osuna is what makes this film very effective.

As far as the film itself goes, it certainly is entertaining. It is very intense and offers some great story telling. People will find this to be a real eye opener as to the realities of drug use. It is definitely a movie that will stay on their mind and be discussed for quite some time. Make sure you pick up a copy of this great documentary.

When it comes to acting, Jaimes performed well throughout the film. His dialogue is crisp and delivered with true feeling. He captures the parts of his character very nicely. All the other actors and actresses that were in the film did a good job, but none quite as well as Jaimes did.

The photography in this film is outstanding. The use of colors was smart and crisp. The use of light captured the essence of what this film is about. The director did a great job of showing the various scenes in different locations. The use of music during the film fit the scene perfectly.

The storyline of “El Gran Sabe” is a very intriguing one. It involves drug use and all sorts of social issues that are depicted through the film. People will be interested to know more about this film since it is a very good one. It is not only a great documentary, but also a very good drama.

People should check out this film when it is available on DVD. It would make a fine addition to any collection. People have certainly not had a dull moment from watching this film. This is definitely one for the books!

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