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The very first volume of Killing Stalking is now available to read at Killing Stalking, a popular manga website in the online world. And you know, Killing Stalking is still among the top-rated with so many readers. This is the start of a seven-volume set, which promises even more fun for those who love this type of story. The story tells of Hana, a young girl who was supposedly the target of a stalker for several years. But she wasn’t just the target; she was the person stalked as well.

Table of Contents

This is a love story between Hana and a boy. What’s more, it’s a love story that takes place in a creepy, dark, yet dreamlike place. This means you can read killing chapter 1 anytime you want, even if you have a bad day. There is a lot of action and horror mixed together in this story. It’s not for the faint of heart.

First off, let me say that I don’t recommend reading this manga without the proper mask. That’s why I’m including the “Killing Stalking” mask along with the rest of the contents. This way, the reader won’t get too confused as to what is happening while reading. It’s a good idea to read the Prologue first, then the main story while in this stage.

I won’t give too much detail, but this is a twisted story all the way. If you haven’t read the series, go right on ahead. Otherwise, here’s a short synopsis: “Stalking” revolves around a boy named Hana. Hana lives with her cousin Ritsu Tainaka. The two are close to each other, and Ritsu is always there to help Hana when she needs it.

One day, Hana gets some new classmates: A girl named Chiyo Ryuusei and an older boy named Katsu. These two seem to be good friends, so Hana spends lots of time hanging out with them, especially when her cousin goes out with them as well. One night, Chiyo invites Hana to go out with him, but he doesn’t tell her that she is going to be the next “Stalker”.

Hana, Chiyo, and Katsu soon find themselves in a peculiar “killing spree” scenario. Their objective is to kill the headmaster of a school, which also happens to be their friend. They are soon joined by Takeya, another teenager, who wants to join in the fun as well. This is where the story picks up speed, so to speak. Things get really crazy from there on.

If you like twisted fantasy tales where the bad guys get the worst of the good guys, you’ll love Hana’s story. It’s enough to make the blood boil a bit, although I know it can be dark. The good guys, however, are really into it for different reasons. It’s one of those rare examples of a book with absolutely fantastic writing that manages to appeal to everyone – no matter what age you are.

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Hana has one of the best lead characters in any manga I’ve ever read. She manages to escape from the real world, which is kind of surprising because most manga heroes just get locked up and tortured. Hana, on the other hand, is given a chance at freedom – and she doesn’t take it. She wants to track down those responsible for her mother’s murder, and kill them herself. Of course, she doesn’t have much time to do it – she has to get help quickly, and the only person who can assist her in her quest is one of her classmates, Yuusuke Tozawa.

In one sequence, Hana is introduced to another killer, Noriaki Shihoin, who is also trying to track down those responsible for her mother’s death. He joins forces with Hana in order to get information from the police about the killer. One of their first tasks is to go undercover as a school girl, and try to slip by the killer, who is after information about a particular case. Once they manage to slip out, they discover that the culprit is planning to attack a certain facility, which will then give them all the opportunity they need to attack his other victims.

The fact that this series has a lot of violence is probably a given – especially for fans of Japanese fantasy. And while fans may not like the occasional sex scenes (which are surprisingly few), the overwhelming majority of the story is far more mature than one would normally expect, especially for a manga targeted at teenage girls. Killing Spree manga free online is one way for readers to experience this kind of fiction for themselves.

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