5 Most Frustrating Characters in a Hostile Movie

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There is a scene in every movie that makes me squirm and then sit up and take notice. It’s the scene where the antagonist launches an attack on the protagonist, and I love watching these scenes because they inject a real energy into movies. The moment of surprise is what sells a movie. This is why I love to see a good villain come out of the woodwork, have a henchman ready to throw him off guard, and then all of sudden – bang! The bad guy is knocked down, and then taken away in a prisoner transport.

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We have all been there. A rogue character appears and then bangs a big rock into our hero’s chest. Then there is a series of scenes where the rogue is talking to his colleagues and we get a sense of how he thinks. Then it’s over and we don’t see or care about what happens to the main character.

There is a similar thing with villains. Villains can be so interesting and layered to follow, especially if you choose the right actor to play the part. It can be an exciting part of the story to have such a major player bring some intensity and challenge to the storyline. In the case of the movie, it was Bruce Willis’ performance as James Bond. He took a simple role and made it extraordinary. The same can be said for any character, whether good or evil.

There are a lot of actors who have been able to bring new dimensions to complex characters. Even if they are not particularly liked by the majority of people, they have done their job well. There are a number of examples of this. The villain in Die Hard has John McClane gaining a much more humanized view of his character, showing him going out of his way to save the world instead of simply getting the job done.

One movie that comes to mind is The Deerhunter. John Hemsworth is one of the best actors in this movie. The story is about a hunter who stumbles upon a group of mutts, which are being raised for some unknown purpose. The character of the hunter is almost the anti-hero of the movie, because he cares deeply for these creatures.

For a movie to be called Hostile, it has to send shivers down the spine of most viewers. No one likes to see a villain in the films. The audience needs to empathize with the bad guy. In the case of the film, John McClane develops a love interest in a Chinese girl before he is killed by the villain. This makes the character sympathetic and more appealing to the audience.

Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of the villainous Dr. Evil is another example of how a good character can be made completely evil. He plays the role brilliantly. His accent, the way he speaks, and the way he carries himself impart a truly villainous quality to the character. The reason why people like this character so much is because of the way he speaks. He does not let us sympathize for the good doctor, but rather we see him as the worst person on the planet.

Most of the films of this genre are directed by Tim Burton. He has done such fantastic films as Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Wreck-It Ralph. Most of his films end up making the best selling movies of all time. You should see all of them, if you have the chance.

One other character that makes the cut in this genre is The Mask. As the name implies, The Mask is a strange character. Instead of using his real voice to portray the title character, he uses a puppet character. It works very well, because the puppet is so much more realistic than the person speaking.

The Count of Monte Cristo is one other character that most people like to hate. The entire movie is about a Count who falls in love with a beautiful young woman, with a mysterious past. We meet the Count several times, but never really get to know him. We come to realize that the reason he falls in love with her is because she reminds him of an earlier lover. In the end, her past comes to light, and it turns out that this is the woman he has been chasing. For some people this is great, but for others it is a complete turn off.

In conclusion, there are plenty of characters to choose from when creating a hostile movie. Some of the most memorable ones have been mentioned in this article. Some films make you think and wonder, while others are so outrageous that they leave you wondering how people could stand that. The only way to find out for sure is to see for yourself. Visit a few films now, so that you can decide for yourself which films are your favorites!

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