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The Tekken Movie is going to be in theaters soon. A release date has not yet been given but the movie is expected to hit the theaters in March of 2021. It will be the first movie of the Tekken series and it is based off of the Japanese manga ‘The King of Fighters’ and the arcade game of the same name.

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In the movie, Robert Downey Jr. plays Kazuo Sanagawa, the older brother of the late Ken Shamrock. He is a fierce martial artist who is feared by everyone because of his strength and skill with heihachi, katana, and jojutsu. In the past, he was also known as Number Eight of the Shugen Kage, which is a very powerful warrior who is looked up to by his fellow Karate masters. He was also the master of the secret dragon move anvil, which is used by the three star judoka named Rugal.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Christian Bale as the son of a wealthy family, who had an early start to martial arts training when he was very young. He trained with his father on the best way to protect the streets of New York from villains like Harvey Dent and his cypress grapple. He graduated to black belt under Bruce Lee and went on to become one of the best known martial artists in the world, with his own series of movies and TV shows including the Iron Fist and Kickboxer series.

The story line of the Tekken movie is that it takes place in the ancient time when the Earth was enveloped by an massive volcanic explosion. This wiped out most of the world and left the earth with only a few strong men and women who survived. Among these men, two became known as the Tekken family: Robert the Strong and his younger sister, Rachel. They both went on to become very famous martial artists, but at the beginning of the series, we do not know much about them or who their real enemies are. The series then slowly starts to reveal the secrets of these families, and we finally learn who they were fighting against.

In the beginning, the two families fight toe to toe, with no apparent weapons at their disposal except for an old school leech that belongs to Rachel. However, things take a drastic change when they are transported to another dimension, where there are giant creatures known as the Reptilians. The Tekken brothers are taken captive by the Reptilians, and are transformed into fighting machines. Their main objective is to annihilate all that they come across. The fighting is extremely brutal, with Rachel and Robert using every trick in the book to ensure that they are the last hope for humanity, while Bryan Fury uses his super human strength to pulverize his opponents.

One of the best things about the Tekken movies is the excellent acting. The three main characters, Bison, Ryu and Dave, really sell it in this movie, and give fans a good glimpse of what takes place during their fight scenes. The special effects are excellent, and help the fights look very real, even though they are clearly based on traditional martial arts. It helps to create a unique setting, and helps the movie to stay interesting for audiences that are not familiar with the characters.

No matter who you are or how much you love watching the Tekken movies, you will definitely have to see the first movie. It is probably the funniest one out of the entire series, and the fights are legendary. Even if you have not seen the series before, this is a great start. Even those that have seen the series before will find something to laugh about in this one. There are tons of fight scenes, and even though some of them are predictable, it never loses its appeal. This is one of the best examples of how a movie can be both fun and educational at the same time.

The other two films are more complete than the original, but they still make a good base for a movie sequel. They continue the story where the Tekken fighters were trained by the Shifu. They are also more involved in the plot, as well as the world of martial arts. They also continue the tradition of having strong martial artists as the main characters. The movie is a definite must-see, especially for fans of the Tekken fighting world.

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