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The Suite Life movie franchise has been one of the highest grossing movies on the Disney Channel Network. A Disney Channel Original Movie (DCO) based on the couple of very popular comedy series for the network – “The SuiteLife on Deck” and “The suite Life on Zoolander”. Both the series were extremely popular among audiences both at home and on the road, and were able to increase the value of the Disney brand quite substantially. It is expected that The Suite Life will continue to sell well into the future, as it has proven to do for the Disney Channel.

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From the trailers for the movie, it is clear that the main characters include a successful but aging, retired lawyer, his wife, who has the same career goals, as well as their daughter who just happens to be the hottest girl in the town (so to speak). So what makes this particular Suite Life movie so great? Well the first thing that most people will say is the story and the emotions that are depicted. Yes, the story and emotions are incredibly moving and funny. However the real reason that this home media release is so popular is the actual characters that are featured in the film – which are absolutely hilarious.

The leading man, Sean Mcnamara plays the role of the lawyer who initially falls in love with the much younger receptionist, played by Jennifer Aniston. However the two quickly discover that they have more in common than just their love of children. With the help of other characters such as Daphne Guinness, Kate Capshaw and others, the film is full of fun characters as well as an excellent plot. The Suite Life on Deck is the second film directed by none other than Sean Mcnamara himself. This film is the sequel to the successful The Suite Life on Deck, which was also a very successful film for the company.

In the sequel the twins reunite after a rather nasty experience and find themselves in a new, much less colorful environment. The first Spring Break seems to take place at an even busier Florida spring break resort. This time the couple has decided to spend their next vacation together instead of going to a tropical island as in the first movie. However they soon learn that the hotel is actually named The Suite Life and that their intended destination is actually a much worse place called The Suite.

It is here in The Suite Life on Deck that the most memorable character belongs to none other than Seann MacLain (Jennifer Aniston). The character is the much younger, cuter version of Jennifer Aniston’s own mother in the movies. Although the role of Seann MacLain has many similarities to the original version of Jennifer Aniston, the character of Seann MacLain is much more like the one played by Jennifer Aniston in the first film. He too has to go on spring break while working for an insurance company and his mother has hired him to be her assistant. Although it can be said that the character of Seann MacLain may have been heavily inspired by the original Seinfeld characters as he goes about his life in much the same way.

When the twins return to their luxurious resort they find that the grounds have been devastated by a hurricane. They are then faced with the problem of getting their much beloved butler back so that they can use the hotel as a place for spring break. During their search for their much loved butler they run into Dr. Spaulding (Kenny Braford), a man who claims to be performing spring break research all over the world. When the two tourists finally manage to get an appointment with Dr. Spaulding he tells them all about the origin of the twins and how he fell in love with them back in junior high. He then goes on to explain that the reason why he locked himself away in his laboratory is because he was trying to retrieve something from the remains of his former student, Jack O’Neil (John Bon Jovi).

The Suite Life Movie follows the mischievous antics of the two main characters of the story, which are Spaulding twins Johnny and Charlie (Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Aniston). Their quest for the perfect spring break gets them into trouble with a group of drug runners, and ends up at a hotel owned by Mr. Moseby (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Mr. Moseby is also the owner of the other spring breakers, who are trying to use the opportunity for some much needed relaxation to get things going.

Mr. Moseby’s wife Mela (Aniston) is also part of the group of Spring Breakers that he owns. She is more than willing to let the twins stay at their own private home for their spring break, but they quickly find out that their home is not as nice as they had expected. Their real problems begin when their butler suddenly falls ill and is replaced by a man named Freddy (oddy voice), who is very cold and arrogant. The Suite Life Movie would have been much more enjoyable if it had been told in the real setting of Moseby’s home instead of in a fake Hollywood home. The Suite Life Movie would have been much more successful if it had focused on the real issues that the twins faced while on spring break. This movie just had too many false storylines for it to be any good.

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