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what space movie came out in 1992
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The year of 1992 was the first year that the movie What Space Is There came out. I had forgotten about it and thought it was a terrible movie until I saw it a few years later. I was blown away by the unique story telling style and cinematography, something that is rarely seen these days. Watching the movie again reminded me of why I love this movie so much. This review will cover some of the more interesting aspects of what space movie came out in 1992.

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The main character in What Space Is There is Chris Pine. He plays a detective in the film who finds himself in the center of a high-tech investigation that takes him deep into the underbelly of an unsuspecting research facility. With a mysterious and very young female agent as his only hope, he must unravel the answers of what happened here and rescue the people being held hostage in the facility. Pine is played by Robert Duvall and his character’s voice is very distinct. Although he starts out talking like an adult, he quickly starts to grow older as the film progresses. The character is about 20 years old in the film, but looks even older.

What Space Is There follows the plot of the book. It isn’t a sequel to the original novel. However, it is part of the series of movies/TV shows by author Peter V. Brett which take place in near future. The first episode of the series came out in theaters around Thanksgiving weekend and was a huge box office hit. Although it doesn’t match the box office success of The Day the Earth Stood Still, it did make a lot of money at the theater.

The story of What Space Is There is told through the point-of-view of one character, Chris Pine. He and his friend Ryan travel to a new planet called Gedron. They land on the planet and begin to explore what is there to do there. While looking at some caves, they see some creatures that run inside them. Then, something begins to attack the two boys. They have to use their imaginations and use their minds to figure out what is going on and what is causing all the problems.

As the movie progresses, we get introduced to other characters who also come across the Gedron. One of these characters is Deke who has landed on the planet after becoming an alcoholic. He is very confused about what is going on. What Space Is There also shows us the many different cultures and customs of the various planets in the solar system.

What Space Is There also shows us the relationships of various characters and what they have in common. At the end of the movie, we are introduced to the rulers of the planet. They are the Galactic Federation and the evil Deke. This movie is very good at showing sci-fi and what can be done with this genre.

It also showcases the acting capabilities of the leading stars of the movie. Astoundingly, Jason Priest plays the role of the leader of the Galactic Federation. That makes him not only a favorite character of the fans but also a fantastic actor/actress. What Space Is There is a wonderful and exciting movie that will leave you eager to see more of Star Wars.

The special effects were all done very well. The special effects were very good considering the fact that this was the first movie made after the first Star Wars movie. I give this movie four thumbs up. Go see What Space Is There.

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