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WWE and Masters of the WWE Universe join together into an unbeatable force: Masters of the WWE Universe!” Step inside the squared circle of WWE’s most fearsome legacy and battle for supremacy with this new Masters of the WWE Universe Figures and playset! It is a no holds bar fight between Triple H, John Cena and Batista figures. With the introduction of the new line of Attitude Era figures that incorporate the Attitude Era wrestlers into the new WWE Legends collections, the intensity rises to a new level. Get in the ring with your favorite WWE Superstar or villain and show the world who is the true WWE Superstar.

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WWE Superstar Batista is on top of the charts with his incredible six figure WWE superstars collection! Each WWE Superstar figure is designed based on the legendary appearance of its own favorite WWE Superstar. The figures include Batista’s signature gold hairpiece, his trademark red cape and the signature boots. Batista’s head sculpt is designed as a masterpiece in the Attitude era of WWE. His dark skin and glistening gold teeth will blow your mind away with the detailed nature of this figure.

When the original WWE wrestlers went to work for the World Wide Brands, they brought their signature attributes with them. The most recognizable of these characters are the ones featured in the WWE Superstar wave of the Attitude era. Batista is the first to make an impression with his massive entrance in the main event of Raw, which made him the WWE Champion for the first time. The figure even includes a banner that reads, “Welcome to the WWE, Batista.” This limited edition of the Masters of the WWE Universe set comes with a Batista WCW Heavyweight Figure and a Batista WCW Rocker Figure.

Two more of the WWE superstars from the Attitude era also have their own limited edition collections. These two wrestlers are WWE Tag Team Champions Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Both of them have their own highly articulated, die-cast metal WWE Superstar figures included in the WWE Universe line. The first one is a Shawn Michaels statue that features the famous “igree” lettering that is a signature element of his career. The second one is a highly articulated metallic version of the award winning “Hulk” shirt that Triple H wears in the WCW ring.

The WWE Ultimate Warrior was introduced as a solo act at the Royal Rumble event of 2021. He quickly defeated Randy Couture and Batista to win the wrestling championship three out of four times. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most popular WWE superstars in the company’s history. There have been several WWE wrestlers who have attempted to capture the WWE title from him, but none have succeeded. Some of these wrestlers include Batista, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair.

Some other WWE superstars from the Attitude era who also have their own limited edition collections include Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. The Shawn Michaels figure is one of the best sellers in the WWE Universe line due to the fact that he is an absolutely huge figure with over thirty-five inches of height and his trademark helmet. The actual character itself is quite detailed and includes several different poseable heads.

The third warrior figure from the WWE universe collection is the WWE Ultimate Warrior he-man figure. The incredible wrestling skills exhibited by the WWE Superstar in his matches with CM Punk and Batista made him one of the best ever in the business. This version of the WWE Ultimate Warrior is made completely of plastic and will cost you approximately $150. Many of the older versions of this WWE Superstar were quite large and hard to move. However, the newer ones are quite small and are very easily posed.

The Masters of the WWE Universe figure comes with a full A1 action figure which includes authentic weapons, attire and a full bodysuit. The torso armor of the figure is detachable and the top that can be removed to reveal the full A1 shirt that is worn by the wrestler during his matches. Additional accessories that are included are a pair of ” WWE Ultimate Warrior” gloves, the squared off fists and a shield that is featured on the belt that the WWE Ultimate Warrior wears during matches.

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