Why Becky Lynch and Natalya WWE Women’s Title Runs

When the wrestlers of the Independent Professional Wrestling League of wrestlers called themselves the Ffestus Weights, they made a statement that they were not going to be bullied. Many wrestlers from all backgrounds came together and formed this group. Much to the surprise of many people the Ffestus Weights actually won the first three tournaments and then folded up.

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However, the Ffestus Weights was not just a one team affair. Many members took on the character of a wrestling heel, known as a heel. This was often a step above what any man would do in a wrestling match. These heel wrestlers often wore very badly decorated, baggy clothing and trunks filled with candy that were covered with dollar bills.

This was the main attraction, at first, for many people who attended Ffestus. They had all sorts of crazy characters that tried to steal the spotlight from women and they even tried to take women out on dates. This was not done in a good way, but these were the fun characters.

In later years, several women decided to get into the ring and compete, which brought in new members. The bad thing, though, is that there were not many women in the ring with actual expertise in wrestling. This lead to a lot of back and forth trash talking, which became very entertaining for the audience. There were a few matches that were really competitive, but mostly women were simply in the way.

A couple of months later the company went into bankruptcy. This was mostly due to the fact that the product didn’t sell very well. Many people blamed the company completely for their failure. They tried to make changes but it just did not work. It was time to move on to greener pastures.

About a year after they went into bankruptcy, a few members started a company known as FCW. This would become the later name for today’s WWE. The club even moved from Georgia to New Mexico. They soon started gaining fans, however, in order to gain a major star, they had to find someone who could wrestle. Someone who could go head to head with the other guys to see who could draw the most.

Two women stepped forward with the intention of drawing big names in the wrestling world. Becky Lynch and Natalya. These two quickly became known as the top two in the FCW stable. They gained fans in a hurry. These two women then got the break they were looking for when Vince McMahon personally called them to try out for the Raw roster.

When they did, there was no turning back. From that day on, both women made sure that every match they got into, there was an attitude behind it. They did not take it personally when they got eliminated from the Raw roster. They always put smiles on their faces and kept on working hard to prove themselves to the audience. That is what I call real wrestlers.

After their short stint in WWE, the two broke into the independent scene. They gained a huge following in the process. In addition to the FCW stable, they also tried out for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) itself. Their effort in the independent scene has given them the recognition they have now.

Becky Lynch is now a three-time WWE Women’s Champion. She has become one of the best-selling wrestlers in the company’s history. While she was in WWE, no female wrestler challenged her. Now, she is one of the best-selling stars in the company. That is thanks to Natalya.

What is interesting to note here is how much success Natalya has had. She has beaten some of the biggest names in the company. She has been able to get over anyone, regardless of gender. She has been able to establish herself as a main event star. She has proven that she is more than a good talent. She has proven that she is better than most women in the world.

It doesn’t matter what your opinion is on wrestling. Regardless of how you feel about wrestling, there is no denying that Natalya and Becky Lynch are stars in their own right. You may have your own ideas about who is or isn’t a star. The two mentioned above have proven that they are definitely stars in their own eyes.

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