WWE Raw Grades – What Are the Top Scoring Raws?

The buzz was buzzing following the reveal of newly-signed WWE Raw General Manager Nick Bockman, who was recently released from the organization as a prominent WWE Raw Superstar. Here is a quick look at WWE Raw’s latest Raw results, WWE Raw reviews, and more. Also check out our list of the 20 best wrestlers to ever grace the WWE, compiled by our writers. See you soon!

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WWE Raw continues this Sunday with another edition of Raw TV, which takes place on Tuesday night at 9 ET on USA Network. This time, WWE will be looking to keep its momentum from Raw Money in Manchester, which ended last weekend with Triple H defeating Sethi, but suffered a grueling defeat at SummerSlam. The match that took place between Hanks and Sethi on Raw was a highly anticipated contest, but it didn’t take long for WWE’s top stars to dive into their own personal soap opera. Let’s take a look at some of the key points from Raw tonight, WWE Raw grades, reaction and highlights.

The opening segment of Raw lasted almost an hour and fifteen minutes. During that time, Raw celebrated the completion of its August pay per view deals, featuring both “WrestleMania” matches from last year and this year’s epic main event ” Survivor Series.” Reigns displayed his power on the microphone, especially in his match against Sethi, but it was Brie Bella who really stole the spotlight, executing a flawless stutter step that made everyone sit up and take notice. Other notable matches included John Johnane and Randy Orton eliminating Raw Tag Team champions. There was also a lot of interesting Raw TV coverage including several segments where Triple H, Randy Orton, and Sheamus expressed their frustrations with the Raw broadcast crew.

The end of the Raw episode brought in some controversy when Randy Orton and Sheamus were eliminated from the competition, leading to an extremely heated discussion on Twitter and elsewhere. The WWE officials defended their decision to eliminate these three winners, saying that Orton and Sheamus quit early because they weren’t able to compete at a high enough level. Most sportsbooks grade the matches of the Raw winners accordingly, so there should be no confusion at all about how their performance ranks among other recent Raw wrestlers. If you’re looking for specific information about “raw results,” feel free to see our updated Raw Rankings.

A couple of weeks later, Triple H and Randy Orton defeated The World’s Greatest Wrestling tag team at Summerslam. This match turned out to be one of the best PPV events of the year, as WWE put on a fantastic show, featuring lots of excellent matches including the classic “Triple Threat” ladder match. The main event featured Triple H facing off against Batista in a grueling battle that saw The World’s Most Dangerous Human fighting his old nemesis from Raw. There are lots of legitimate reasons why this match was amazing, but the main one had everything to do with WWE’s ability to book quality matches with top-notch talent. You can read our detailed review of this incredible match here.

A few weeks later at Extreme Definition 6, Triple H faced off against Batista in a very intense match that would really have some lasting impacts on Raw ratings. This match featured lots of matches where Triple H had to go through some serious adversity, including a lengthy encounter with Randy Orton in a very grueling match. Some people might say that it was a little too much for Triple H to handle at the beginning of the year, but he definitely handled himself quite well throughout the month of September. This is one of the best-received matches in WWE history, which you can read our detailed highlights here.

During the month of October, Raw got back to what made it famous in the first place, and that was wrestling. Randy Orton and Triple H got into an epic confrontation that lasted over 20 minutes, during which Triple H defeated Orton. A month later, Triple H defeated Batista to retain his Raw Title. These two matches easily earn Smackdown grades of a five-star, as they were some of the most intense matches on this list.

As you can tell from the list above, there are a ton of great matches that went on throughout the year. Even though there weren’t quite as many Smackdown outcomes that occurred, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen. It just takes a little bit of looking for them to be picked up by fans. That’s the beauty of wrestling, you can pretty much find whatever match you want, as long as you know how to look for it. With Smackdown Live going back on Sunday nights, you’ll never again be limited to what’s on TV when it comes to highlights of these incredible pay-per-view events.

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