Will Alfie Return to Emily in Paris Season 4?

In an exclusive interview, Emily in Paris star Lucien Laviscount Revealed what he hopes is in store for Alfie in season 4, especially after that shocking ending.

Don’t consider Alfie out yet.

The 3rd season of Netflix’s series‘ Emily in Paris’ didn’t end well for the English heartthrob, played by Lucien Laviscount- as Lucien Laviscount dumped his girlfriend Emily Cooper after her true feelings for Gabriel were revealed.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have seen the last of Alfie, at least according to Lucien himself. 

Though Lucien said he doesn’t envision Alfie crawling at Emily’s feet Begging her to pick him up. Insisting,” she might have to pull something out of the bag to get the main man back”

In Lucien’s opinion, a season 4 comeback would deepen Alfie’s narrative. Lucien Laviscount remembered, “In season two, Alfie had this little cloud over his head. He hated being alive. The third season reveals his frail side.

What May the Plot of Season 4 Look Like Then?

Lucien Laviscount humorously anticipated that it would all be about “revenge” and seeing Alfie’s “sick, twisted side.”

Lucien Laviscount, the star of “Emily in Paris,” explains how he would handle Alfie’s love triangle in real life.

The love triangle involving Emily Cooper, Gabriel, and Alfie is one of “Emily in Paris'” most intriguing plotlines.

Laviscount discussed his character’s romance with Emily during the “Emily in Paris” activation event in New York City. And indicated that if he (Lucien Laviscount) were in a love triangle in real life, he would act similarly to Alfie.

Lucien Laviscount

Lucien Laviscount said I think everyone can learn a lot from Alfie. Lucien walks with his heart on his sleeves. and is truthful about his feelings. Lucien Sticks by his morals and also allows grace in certain situations.

 Lucien Laviscount said Season 3 for Alfie takes him on more of a vulnerable journey

After having his character introduced in season two. Laviscount noticed that Emily helps Alfie break down his berries in season three so that he(Lucien Laviscount) can obtain “The silver lining” in his life.

According to Laviscount, Emily has somewhat taken on the role of Alfie’s “unicorn.”

But romance aside, William Abadie, who plays Antoine in the show, tells TODAY that Emily in Paris season 3 is filled with a lot more “heartfelt moments’ ‘ that are shot in beautiful cinematic scenes.

“There is a moment with the savior team with Julien, Luc, and Sylvie that has a lot of depth and beauty to where you really feel that team come together in the most beautiful way,” William Abadie said. And also said, it happens in the right setting in a beautiful little street”.  

Does Lucien Laviscount Have a Girlfriend?

The third season of Emily in Paris features Emily Cooper trapped in a love triangle with Chef Gaberial and Alfie. In the newest Netflix series, Emily tries to choose her future in the breathtaking capital as well as who she actually wants to be with. Fans are curious about every detail of actor Lucien Laviscount’s private life as the actor makes a third series return.

Lucien Laviscount were at each other’s throats in their French class but as they had to spend more time together, they realized there was a connection there.

Alfie started dating the American fashionista but a limited span of time threatened their relationship.

This created a barrier between the couple and Gabriel on top of their ongoing flirtation. 

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