What Was the First Movie Ever Made?

The first movie ever made is a very important movie indeed and something that you should know and explore. A movie, also known as a video, short film, motion picture or independent film, is typically a commercial or instructional work of visual art designed to convey information, ideas, emotions, beauty, or setting via the medium of moving pictures. The first movies were apparently very primitive in nature, but that was then and this is now. First movies did not have sound, they were only shown with black and white and perhaps some music, but that was then. Today, the first movie ever made has an audio-visual product and that is amazing considering how the world has changed.

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So what was the very first movie ever made? Well, it may have been a silent film that came out a few years beforetalkies and things like that. The very first movie ever made was “Monsieur Rameau” which was a real long slow motion picture that took a while to get caught up in. That is also known as a French silent film because it was made in France.

The very first movie ever made had to do with motion pictures and it was something called “The Adventure of the Three Frenchwomen”. It was made in France by a man named Victor Hugo. It is interesting to note that the film was meant to be shown on the first ever synchronized sound stage. This is something that is rare today and that is why it is so interesting. There was real effort put into making this motion picture and it shows.

The first movie ever made that I will talk about was actually a three part movie called “The Silver Screen” and it is called “The Adventure of the Three French Women”. This movie was not produced with audio and only had visual. It was one of the first to use what we today call digital audio. It shows four women talking to each other while they are on an elevator that has a man following them and sneezing like a crazy thing.

Well now there is another interesting first movie ever made and it is called “Day We Setted Camp”. This is a film that was made by twenty-one year old Thomas Edison. He and his brother were working on an elephant farm and when it was time to feed the elephant they missed and went back home to get ready to shoot another animal. They were not able to get any milk that day but when they went back the next day they found a dead calf. Thomas Edison had discovered an automatic calf feeder and this is how the rest of the story began.

In the early days of film making there was only one studio that made movies and that was Walt Disney. They would make movies for mainly one company until something happened. In 1895 while they were making what was going to be the first movie ever made they lost two workers. One died from an electric spark and the other was crushed to death from being crushed by a bucket of water.

After the accident, Muybridge started working on the idea for what would become the idea for the “Muybridge Effect”. This was a problem that had been occurring with photographic plates that were moving at different speeds. The workers had been using the lenses of these repeating machines for various different purposes but had never been able to correct for the speed of the machine when it was running. This was the cause of the images that had blurring together and became the first movie ever made. They were not able to correct the speed of the repeating plate so instead they made a machine that would move at a fixed speed.

In the years that followed, the studios learned that they could use this new technology to correct the speed of the film so that it became more like real motion pictures. They still used the repeating plates but now instead of having them move in slow motion like they had in the past they now had them move like the sound of the galloping horse. This made everything much smoother. They would now be able to produce movies that looked very real to the people watching them. If you are wondering what was the first movie ever made then you might want to look at the movie “Jurassic Park” which is a prehistoric adventure and is directed by the two guys who did the original “Jurassic Park”.

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