The Fallout Movie Review

the fallout movie
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The Fallout is an futuristic American high school story film directed and written by Megan Park in her first feature directing role. The movie concerns the aftermath of a high school shooting. It starssrs Shailene Woodley, Jules Verne, and Jennifer Aniston. In 2021, the movie became the second best grossing independent film of all time behind the Theiler’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It also received several awards including Best Picture at the Venice Film Festival.

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Jennifer Aniston plays the role of high school senior Ashley Valentine, whose best friend is terminally ill. After she realizes that her friend did not die in the school shooter’s classroom, she is devastated. As a result, she goes to Ashley’s home to comfort her and console her. However, when a newly arrived substitute teacher named Jacoby shows up, Ashley’s world is rocked…

In the movie, we see several different personalities from the school and also from the real world. We have Ms. Valiente, the dumb teacher who always tests students’ minds; Mr. Yang, the cool butler who has a crush on Ashley but is actually a pervert; Ms. Foster, the prom queen with a secret passion for Jacoby; and Mr. O’Neil, the rich, arrogant teacher who is obsessed with becoming a celebrity and owns a chain of video stores. The only one who seems to be a bit of a perv is Mr. Owens, the dimwitted biology teacher. He is the one who constantly remarks on what is going on in the girls’ room.

The story takes place at a prestigious all girls private school called Riverhead. At first, everything is fine, but things start to go bad after one of the students, Kristen, starts to experiment with drugs. She becomes so good at them that she is arrested and finds herself in juvenile detention. This puts the pressure on Coach Henderson to find out why her star student is doing drugs and how she got hooked…

Things go bad within the school as Ms. Valiente starts to take control of the school, taking over the gym, library, and especially the football and tennis teams. One of the female students, Ella, comes to the realization that she may be in love with Coach Henderson. Meanwhile, Jacoby tries to convince Coach Henderson to get back together with her… Meanwhile, Coach Henderson tries to help Ella adjust to life away from her family.

As the show progresses, we are introduced to some new characters including Assistant Coach Bob, who ends up getting more close to Ella while she is in jail… Another girl, Summer, is also an enigma because she starts to spend time with Coach Henderson and then ends up straying. Mr. O’Neil and Mr. Henderson both find themselves involved in a huge scandal that leads to a lot of changes in their lives. We see the antics of the three football players, as well as the other athletes who are found in the laundromat… This includes Coach Henderson’s son Jacoby, who ends up joining his father in jail.

The fallout from this scandal is very graphic and messy, with the school being closed for two years. People end up fighting and killing in the streets and the movie has some real tension and moments of anger and murder. The movie ends with a riot happening in the school and the authorities arresting a number of people. This movie is extremely disturbing and dark, with the main characters as the main participants in the fighting and crime that is taking place…

Overall, The Fallout Movie is a classy and well thought out film that shows how far technology has come. It’s not just about crime and the fallout from it but also how the society handles it as well. I recommend that you check it out, as it is one of the better movies to come out in a long while. The only bad thing is that it goes on, but then again, that would be a big complaint against the film.

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