The Moses Movie and the Bible

When discussing the most important movies ever made, one movie that must definitely be mentioned is The Ten Commandments of Moses. Moses is an incredible story, and I believe it to be one of the most important films ever made. If you have a chance, I highly recommend this film. You might not be able to understand all of the messages, but I assure you that you will understand all of them. Just watching the film will give you a deeper understanding of the commandments in the Bible.

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The Ten Commandments of Moses focuses on the obedience of the commandments from the Jewish people, as well as from God. The film presents the commandments from the perspective of the Jewish people, as they were commanded to take the commandments and follow them to the letter. The film shows the disobedience of the people for just not keeping the commandments. However, the film does present God’s grace for the people’s obedience to the Ten Commandments of Moses.

The Ten Commandments of Moses was one of the most important movies ever made. It is a depiction of God’s power and wisdom. One of the greatest scenes from the film takes place when the group is on the red sea. Ben Kingsley plays the young Moses, who is placed on the red sea and shown the Ten Commandments.

In the scene the group is shown the Ten Commandments as a burning bush and a flood has engulfed the Egyptians. As the boy tries to pass through the red sea, God stops him. Ben Kingsley then plays the role of Moses as he tries to pass through the burning bush and the flood to reach the land of Egypt. Throughout the film the burning bush repeatedly burns while Moses climbs and passes through.

The film shows that the people of Israel were not perfect in their knowledge of God’s word but that they were aware of the commandments and the laws of God. On the first day of creation according to the Hebrews, God created the mankind and placed them on the red sea. On the second day, according to the Hebrews, the people made a Moses’ book which told the story of the commandments, the way of life and the importance of the commandments.

The importance of these commandments and the way of life that the Ten Commandments encouraged made the Egyptian civilization prosper for thousands of years. During the Second World War, the German soldiers found the profound meaning of the Ten Commandments of the Hebrews and they took these commandments to the front lines of the German military. The soldiers literally lived by the ten commandments as they hung their belongings and covered themselves with glory because of the ten commandments. The success of the German military is commemorated every year with a day named as commemoration of the flight to Egypt from Hitler.

The movie continues with the Egyptian plagues which destroyed the Egyptians. The ten commands, according to the Bible, are: To give, to you, and to your servant. To your body, you are to cover; to your flesh, you are to remove. These actions, according to the movies, made the Egyptians to go back to their land and to rebuild again the great pyramids which stand today.

In modern times, however, things have changed and the two cultures have become enemies instead of friends. Today, the Egyptians are facing economic crisis and many of them are not able to buy the material things that they need in order to survive. And so, instead of studying and learning the meaning of the Ten Commandments, they decided to change and ruin the Israelites which is depicted in the film by burning the bush. The famous quote of Moses the Carpenter is: “Spare me, O my Lord! Be my rock of refuge, and let me never be put to shame.”

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