Andrew Tate Seized In Romania After Conflict With Greta Thunberg

This afternoon a record from the Romanian outlet Libertatea circulated around social media. That Andrew Tate’s home in Pipera has been raided by Romanian police when it comes to the kidnapping of girls. Now, Andrew Tate and his brother have each been taken into custody. Reports have surfaced that the conflict between Greta Thunberg and … Read more

Greta Thunberg Shame Andrew Tate Over His Emissions Boasts

 Andrew Tate, the abhorrent “manosphere” influencer circulating brutal sexism and commercial scams to Tik Tok tweens. And tried to poke environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter, only to be disgraced by Thunberg’s smooth comeback.  Andrew Tate, in case you are lucky sufficient by no means to have heard of him, is a former kickboxer who … Read more

Andrew Tate: Castle Tour Net Worth and Business That Running

Andrew Tate honestly is aware of a way to make headlines, whether or not it’s via controversy or his highly-priced purchases, he usually manages to do so. Similarly to this, the internet’s ‘Top G’, who has a huge mansion in Romania, published a video on Twitter giving an excursion of his castle. The video which … Read more