Greta Thunberg Shame Andrew Tate Over His Emissions Boasts

 Andrew Tate, the abhorrent “manosphere” influencer circulating brutal sexism and commercial scams to Tik Tok tweens. And tried to poke environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter, only to be disgraced by Thunberg’s smooth comeback. 

Andrew Tate, in case you are lucky sufficient by no means to have heard of him, is a former kickboxer who has become an alt-proper influencer. Tate describes himself as “truly a sexist” and “truly a misogynist.” And has said that women “belong within the home” and they are “given to the person and belong to the person. 

Tate’s Twitter account has been banned, unsurprisingly, however, became reinstated in November following Elon Musk’s takeover of the site.

Tate’s Twitter posts are deliberately provocative, regularly indistinguishable from satire, bragging approximately his wealth and success, proposing pix and clips of the influencer puffing on cigars and sporting shades indoors, like a prepubescent boy who watched his first Guy Ritchie movie. 

Greta Thunberg answered Tate’s childish taunt with an easy putdown. “Yes, please enlighten me. Email me at small [email protected].”

Andrew Tate randomly took aim at Greta Thunberg, bragging about his 33 vehicles and their “good-sized emissions.” In Addition, writing to the 19-year-old: “Please offer your email deal so I can ship a whole listing of my vehicle series and their respective good-sized emissions.”

Tate quickly spoke back to Thunberg, writing: “How dare you?!”

Twitter customers reacted with delight, leaping at the danger to mock Tate.

Andrew Tate was, seemingly, quoting a famously passionate speech from Thunberg wherein she criticizes the polluters who’ve poisoned our planet, and the politicians who enabled the damage. 

Greta Thunberg and andrew tate -

Andrew Tate’s Style Of Posting Is Sincere 

But Tate’s fashion of posting is so unusually sincere and complete of wildly insecure boasts. And immature taunting, the large majority of Twitter customers examine Tate’s reaction as an earnest expression of offense. 

The alternate sparked a communication between Tate and his fellow “manosphere” influencers. And the corrosive effect they’ve got on more youthful men who are despite the fact that they are struggling to find out their location withinside the world. 

After enduring several hours of mass mockery, Tate in the end answered again. He posted an unusual video clip of himself wearing a bathrobe and smoking an oversized cigar. He describes Greta Thunberg as “a slave to the Matrix,” and insisted that he is “now not mad.” 

Andrew Tate went directly to make investments that had a great number of retweets. And then pleasant remarks in Thunberg’s pick have been due to “bots.” Tate’s replies have been fast-swamped with Twitter clients who persisted to mock him.
Moreover, Greta Thunberg didn’t hesitate to comment on the exchange again.

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