Samuel L. Jackson’s Twitter Account Noticed X-rated Content

An American film and television actor and film producer Samuel L. Jackson started trending on Twitter on his 74th birthday, once fans noticed that his account was liking so many X-related adult content videos. Many of his followers tried to get Samuel L. Jackson’s attention on that and told him that his likes were visible to the public because he did not switch to private. Probably his account is run by a third party, one of the members of his team, or his account has been hacked. After this had been seen, many people took to their Twitter web pages.

Some introduced a previous interview with Samuel the place he bizarrely proclaimed that he’s a fan of anime and manga pornography. Samuel L. Jackson has since appeared in over 100 films. Samuel L. Jackson has one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. He has been involved in multiple campaigns for Alzheimer’s research. He personally had 6 members of his family pass from the disease. 

How Did Samuel L. Jackson’s Fans React?

Samuel L. Jackson

Many Twitter users tweets and comment on this. Someone wrote, “Samuel L Jackson old freaky ass we can see your likes,” another tweeted, “Samuel L. Jackson more like Samuel W. Jackson, he’s a baller and I respect it. He’s earned the right to like the tweets he did,” Another agreed that people who are criticizing should “mind your own business,” and a third said, “Yall had me thinking Samuel L Jackson died, turns out he was just caught liking pornography, another tweeted, “I was wondering why Samuel l Jackson is trending then I saw why” and another one like, “hi mate letting you know your likes are public and everyone can see them.” Some people supported Samuel L Jackson and said the 74-year-old has a right to be liking certain NSFW tweets as an adult.

Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime?

In the past, Samuel L. Jackson admitted that he’s being a fan of X-rated content in the past. The Golden Globe nominee answered the internet’s “most asked questions” with Wired magazine and was asked whether he likes anime. Samuel L. Jackson said, “Yes, I do. Hentai, too,” and he laughed. referencing Japanese manga and anime that are represented by straightforward sexualized characters, sexually explicit images, and plots.

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