Big Scarr Dies Said Gucci Mane’s Post On Instagram

A Memphis rapper Big Scarr who was born on April 7, 2000, lived in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. According to Gucci Mane’s Instagram post, Big Scarr died. Big Scarr’s last Instagram post said that Big Scar is going on tour with an American rapper and songwriter from Memphis for his Glockoma Tour 2023. Big Scarr was not interested in rap music but he got interested because of his friends and an Italian artist named Baby K. 

In the year of 2019, His track “Make a Play” came out. It gained around 50k views. The next year in 2020, he signed to a record label “1017 Records under Atlantic Records” by American rapper Gucci Mane. He got popular in 2021, once his new track “SolcyBoyz” came out that featured Pooh Shiesty and American rapper Foofiano who were his cousins. Next, he released “SolcyBoyz 2” featuring Tay Keith and “SolcyBoyz 3” featuring Tay Keith and Gucci Mane. On April 16, 2021, Big Scarr’s debut mixtape “Big Grim Reaper” was released. This year in February 2022, The deluxe version of his mixtape “Big Grim Reaper” came out. It featured Offset, Gucci Mane, and Squeeze Ruthless.

Big Scarr’s Musical Style

Big Scarr whose real name was Alexander Woods, often says “punching in” as opposed to writing them. It’s amazing that he dropped a full-length album with full-length songs, but going that hard inserts a little bit of lack of interest in the topic matter. Big Scarr was an artist who more artists should take after. Instead of running from his past, he improves his present. 

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Big Scarr’s visibility is genuine from many times escaping gunshots and considering his father as a role model. “I’m just myself; I’m a product of the environment I’m from,” Big Scarr said. “From the times I got shot to being reckless in my youth, my music is a reflection of that. I hope to inspire the youth to do good.” He said about his beloved father, My father is my dawg. He took care of all of my siblings and me while still teaching me the game. He’s a real G and I will stand on that hill forever. 

His songs really talk about the brutal nature of his upbringing. his trials and tribulations, and how he’s really come up on top. There’s a certain dedication to the culture of rap music within Big Scarr. He becomes quite apparent when you give his music a play-through.

How Big Scarr’s Fans And Supporters Reacted To His Death?

It’s so sad to say that Big Scar was only 22 years old when he lost his life. After Eastern Time on Thursday, word of the Memphis rapper’s passing spread on social media on December 22. After a few times, American rapper Gucci Mane posted on Instagram that confirmed his death. However, We do not know exactly how Big Scarr died. There are rumors that Big Scar died of drugs. His fans and supporters of the hip-hop community were shocked to know of the young rapper’s passing, and many expressed their feelings and emotions about Big Scarr’s death on social media. It is really heartbreaking to lose a young artist like Big Scarr. Their fans will miss him when they listen to his music.

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